Astrological Footprint – FEB,19th, 2017


Astrological Footprint – FEB,19th, 2017

Quiet Sunday with full freedom until 3PM GMT. At that moment, Moon in Sagittarius and Neptune bring the daydreams, the illusions and the need for affection. Expectation for love and fulfillment increases and there are mistakes. Many seek a culprit for this feeling. Others insist on unconditional love. Misunderstandings and frustrations occur and there is difficulty concentrating on a theme. Dealing with children can be difficult. The ideal is to keep activities quiet and close to nature. The Moon in Sagittarius collaborates for sport and adventure. At 8PM GMT, everything returns to normal. Moments of calm until midnight. The dawn between 19th and 20th can be violent for the Planet.




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