Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini – December 18th,2017

New #Moon in Sagittarius.

Beginning of the Lunar Cycle? Better call for a fresh start. The last New Moon of the Year arrives driven by Jupiter and pressed by Saturn.

How to move a car with one foot on the accelerator and another on the brake?

That is the question! Take inventory all year long. Write down your goals and achievements. If there were failures, write them down separately. Leave them in the bin of the year. Notice the achievements or small changes that have taken place. Ask yourself the questions below and write down the answers. until January 16, 2018, you will have the insights you need. Work patiently on your subject, looking only at your sign. Happy new start to all!

# ARIES How do I re-encounter the broad horizons without abandoning the conquests?

#TAURUS How do I rediscover my personal power without destroying relationships?

#GEMINI How do I re-encounter the relationship that makes me a partner?

#CANCER How do I rediscover the stability of the routine and give color to my days?

#LEO How do I re-encounter creative ability and enjoy the process?

#VIRGO How do I find my Home and my bases without being in the family?

#LIBRA How do I rediscover my boundaries and communicate this clearly?

#SCORPIO How can I find the energy to generate money with joy?

#SAGITTARIUS How can I rediscover the inner peace and be myself again?

#CAPRICORN How do I rediscover my beliefs without leaving the group?

#AQUARIUS How do I reunite my tribe without personal sacrifice?

#PISCES How do I re-encounter force you to work and advance your career?

LOVE feels, on the 21st, the pressures of Saturn. It is not the most romantic day of the year. On the other days of the week, the New Moon and the return of Mercury to its direct movement, facilitate the good moments and the beginning of an effective relationship. Avoid excessive demands because everyone is solving personal issues. This is no time for neediness or abandonment complaints. Stand side by side with your partner, do your reevaluation and offer support at this moment of personal reunion.

#REPORT of Violence for the Planet on days 19,20,21,22,23,24,26,31 December and 1 January, 2018 according to the Hemisphere.

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