Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini – December 19th,2017

The New Moon, now in Capricorn, cools tempers. Last week was exciting. Now we take responsibility and put our feet on Earth. It is the last day of SATURN in SAGITTARIUS.

Did we eliminate everything that was inappropriate? Companies, rulers, rules, policies, economies were dismantled. What is missing? We have another 24 hours to clean the planet. At 4 PM GMT, Jupiter and Moon activate markets. Good time for quick winnings.

As #BITCOIN WILL BREAK, think about how to manage your investments. On October 24, 1929, New York’s market crash day, Saturn was in the same position as it is now. He had gone to Capricorn and, after seven months, the stock market broke. Nowadays, the world stock markets do not break, but Bitcoin breaks down and generates millionaire losses. If you want to speculate, invest in Stock Exchanges with professionals who manage your Capital. For 2018, investing in Stock Exchanges is the most profitable INVESTMENT. Up to Midnight, we can be advised of any changes. We’re just warned. We are not interrogated on the subject.

Pluto and Moon in Capricorn make the changes imperative and end the cleaning we have failed to do in the last 36 months. Invest in your study. The more specialized you are in your area, the more necessary is the employment relationship. After all, which boss wants to lose a qualified and trained employee for years? Those who did not study, who did not specialize as Saturn asked, will be at the mercy of the new rules. It’s the price that Saturn will charge everyone. ClaudiaVannini does not have knowledge in #Economy.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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