Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini – December 16th, 2017

Dawn shaken by Sun and Uranus. It’s a lot of energy in the air. Looks like time flies. We wake up like this, agitated! The past is still there, it seems like a shadow that accompanies us. Kiron and the Sun continue with this memory until 3 PM GMT. You decide how to deal with the past but remember:  it’s past, it’s gone, it’s over. If you bravely resist 3 PM GMT, get ready for a hallucinating sunset. Life calls to be lived intensely. Moon, Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are concentrated in Sagittarius. There is no way to hold the party mood. The Christmas mood appears after 9:30 PM GMT. Neptune takes action and brings hope to hearts. Since the notion of time is subjective, celebrate yes! Celebrate today! If you feel that Christmas is today, make it beautiful. Absorb this love that is in the astral and supplies your soul with joy. Eliminate the need to ask for something. The Planet has never had any debts with you. All Signs of ecstasy.

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