Style Cartel | Astrological Footprint – APRIL,14th, 2017

Astrological Footprint – APRIL,14th, 2017

Dawn with surprises. The energy of the Sun, set to Uranus in Aries, is still strong. Today, Saturn appears and controls the rebellion of this pair. #Moon in Sagittarius is in its adventurous moment, but receives a Lunar Node brake at 3PM GMT.

They are the demands, eternal demands. Keep an eye out for conversations after 4PM GMT. Avoid arguments and do not take risks.

Control sincerity and do not fight Mercury in Taurus. In fact, never face anything in Taurus. Taurine obstinacy overcomes all other signs. The difference is that it makes no scandal.

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If you keep a quiet routine, you’ll be able to escape Uranian confusion. All Signs must control words and avoid physical hazards and adventure sports.

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