Astro Alert Week of May 9, 2013



 Astro Alert Week of May 9, 2013 


Thursday May 9th Solar eclipse in Taurus the solar eclipse is in the house of *Baharani. A revision of themes that are ours alone and taking care of decisions that is dependent on us. The day will give clarity to who are the vampires that take advantage of your good side and your creditability. The day is also good to get clear about your own negativity that happens when you say you don’t like the way things and your resist acceptance. Try changing the tense in which speak, I WILL DO Instead of saying this say I DO. Like this we move ahead, at the base of I DO is science of the mini planetary transformations that we are going through.  Good eclipse for everyone and all signs.


*Baharani the star cultivated and preserved.  This includes the dependents and the servants.  The animal that symbolizes *Baharani is the elephant. This star is connected to the energy that we spend for our maintenance and material world. *Baharani Nakshatra takes what’s an old part of your life and changes it for a new thing.  Takes something old and brings something new.  Takes the movement of the soul and goes farther then the body. Transmits ideas relating to discipline self-control, faithful, strong, to be supportive and resistant, and take care of situations.






Friday May 10th Venus in Gemini total Party for all signs.  The desire to go out network and be seen is in the air today. It’s a pleasure in all that’s luxurious and elaborate.  Artists’ feel inspiration inside and writers may suffer from writers block.  It is Neptune that harmonizes with Venus and impedes Quarter moon not time to risqué your money much less time to move finances or make money moves.  Let it pass!


Saturday May 11, Quarter moon in Neptune Hachoo.  This is the time for colds, viruses and the flu.  Do not even think about drinking.  The effects can have multiple reactions in your body.  The new moon can serve to satisfy your ego, not the time to find love.   Those of you who have health in order you may still gain weight during this time. Between the 2PM and 4PM creativity will come back and you will be able to resolve situations with great success.  You will be able to resolve situation with great care.   Excellent Saturday for all signs.


Sunday May 12 We know that embrace full of love but leaves you in doubt.  That family member can arrive at your house the one after 20 years of exile hugging and kissing like they were the best of friends.  That family member possibly on your mother’s side after 20years of exile, arrives hugging and kissing everyone as if they were the best of friends. May create a little bit of a strange environment and be like a scene from a movie.  Enlighten of this the day is good and animated with a general party atmosphere.  If you are hosting people on VIBE make sure everything is ready by 10:30 AM. After this the moon will be outside of its course and things will take longer to happen.  Happy Mothers Day.




Namaste _ / _ VIBE 1 by Claudia Vannini




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