Astro Alert For November 2013

Astro Alert For November  2013 shows that November is a good month for most signs.  Let’s just get over this retrograde that is ending the 10th of November.

Aries Astro Alert


Plenty of energy for you, Aries! Neither the Eclipse on the 3rd will bring you down. Again you will have to deal with some aspects that involve power struggles and spend some energy in these already worn matters. Your finances are doing well and can be benefited by a fatherly figure. Your boss can create good conditions for your development and even your partner will feel this improvement. Love is not so well; there are chances of major arguments between the 14th and the 16th. Nothing too serious, soon it will pass. Your House 5 is delicate; keep an eye on children who are around you. They can get hurt and create uncomfortable situations for you. Don’t leave them alone.


Astro Alert Taurus

Taurus, pay attention to the Eclipse on  the 3rd. Your health will be affected for several days. It all starts with a detox and then it invades your column. Schedule calm activities, meditate, pray and rest. If you have option to do some weekly massages, include them on your agenda. Your family is going through dramatic situations as surgeries not recommended or near-death moments. You, are already worn this year, but will need to rise again to live this period. At least the money won’t abandon you this month. After the 10th, you will recover the ability to see the best way to finances. Love? Still under test, don’t even try to imagine that everything is resolved. Keep the faith!



Astro Alert Gemini

Time to take care of your career. The family now can wait. The Eclipse will hit the world outside calls and your House 6. Changes at work will occur and you must be attentive to good opportunities. Your partner or brotherly figures also feel this movement and everyone should take care of the finances. You can confront death and have to understand what it means. It’s not directly with you, as there are inheritances in question, so you are not the target. After the 22nd, your social life becomes active. Many parties and fun are planned. Money is around between the 3rd and the 17th. Take advantage of the chances and mind health with affection, the body is asking for it.


Astro Alert Cancer

Love and money at risk! The Eclipse on the 3rd tests your relationship and what isn’t right, will be reorganized at once. Married couples can divorce and singles can get married. The dark side of your partner can be revealed. Don’t fight against it. Enjoy the shadows of the Eclipse and let things appear as they are. Sun and Neptune work secretly and a lot can be behind what is said. Check all conditions and keep an eye out to avoid being deceived. There are great opportunities of work and new projects may arise from your social circles. Health will be good and keep an eye on the kids. The Eclipse might affect them.




Astro Alert LeoA strong Eclipse affects you on the 3rd. Be prepared for changes in the workplace and the way you show yourself to the world. Redefine your image can be very fruitful now. The family is tense, your parents are grappling with several issues, try to be of some help. Money can yield more in bonds and spending with your house can also increase. Continue any project through the home will bring good income. Your Astral vacation begins on the 22nd and lots of fun will enter your life, Leo. There is also a lot of work this month and love must be taken smoothly, do not force situations. Just let go and enjoy. The sky is in a good mood with you.



Astro Alert Virgo

The career is now on pause. The focus should be on your health, your home and your well being. Even so, the communications sector is active, so take the time to keep in touch and expand your circle of relationships. If you have children, keep them in security and control the most of their school life. Problems with siblings can also arise and even your phone may ask for repairs. Mars moves your eighth house and you can be more quarrelsome, seeking for disputes everywhere. Try using the power in a healthy way and spend your excess energy in the practice of exercises. Your sex life will feel the calls from Mars and you will be magnetized. You will be a hit!



Astro Alert Libra

Seek not only professional success, Libra. Try putting your well-being in the foreground and turn a bit for the home and family. The finances are strained, but try something new on the 14th and the 16th. People will be more open to you and can accept your proposals with tranquility. Singles may find a partner in temples, churches and meditation centers. There will be mental connection between you and not even your over exaggerated criticism could destroy this attraction. Try to give more space for people to be as they are and do not control their attitudes. Family secrets come to light during the Eclipse. Get ready to discover things of the past.



Astro Alert Scorpio

The Eclipse occurs in your sign and the 3rd it will be felt hard by you. Smooth feeding because a detox may occur and leave you to soak for a few days. Try to rest more on the first week and notice how you go through personal transformation now. Even your hair can be modified to externalize what’s different inside. Good professional opportunities are coming and you must continue to value your welfare before taking on any new job. Until the 22nd, your finances will be high and you will have the ability to do good deals. Avoid commitments on love, just enjoy the good air for fun.



Astro Alert Sagittarius


Changes in your finances, Sagittarian. Try to be more positive about your money and find a way to better organize yourself. The Eclipse strikes your spiritual life and even a new doctrine may arise for you. Students can also be affected, completely changing the direction of school life. After the 10th, chances are good in love and money. Enjoy reaping good fruits of that period. Between the 25th and 27th,  you will receive with wide-open arms any help that comes. It can be a fatherly figure or a boss who decides to benefit you and support your projects. Don’t trust the dreams that are around the Eclipse on the 3rd. Some things are pure fantasy.


Astro Alert Capricorn

Lots of charm and personal magnetism for you, Capricorn. The moment is conducive for you to organize your life as you want it to be. The planets accentuate your image and you can make it happen. Your health still asks for care. Do not take hasty decisions. Listen to various opinions and then set your treatment. Your siblings or people, who are fraternal, can live small dramas. The Eclipse moves this sector and you must remain neutral until the storm passes. Your electronics gadgets will be completely unstable. Verify that there are no viruses and spies installed and save some money for a possible adjust. The communication sector is affected. Do not resist!



Astro Alert Aquarius

Your career and the company you work for, go through the effects of the Eclipse. There is too much instability in the air and you must let yourself be carried away by the movement of this tsunami. There is prosperity for you during the whole month, but remember that your hard work will make the difference at the time of cutting heads. After the 18th, your finances improve enough and even love will undergo through a better time at the end of the month. Friends can become loved ones and you, that had an eye only on powerful people, begin to glimpse the joy of having someone accessible beside you. Enjoy, specially, the 30th. On this day you can strengthen ties with someone of your conviviality.



Astro Alert PiscesShakes in your House 9 are predicted, Pisces. The study plans may be revised this month and new educational projects may arise. There is also strong energy to plan trips overseas. The Eclipse prangs your health and the body will undergo detox. Keep calm and stay at home. Be careful not to put yourself in risky situations. Love hangs around your educational or work environment. That’s where you can find a good partner. Your midst of heaven will be in the spotlight after the 22nd, enjoy the moment to intensify the forces at work. Show your potential and leverage your career.




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