Anrealage : SS2019 “CLEAR” COLLECTION

During Paris Fashion Week, on September 25th, Anrealage presented its spring-summer 2019 collection. We were there and we are talking about it. 

As you may know, Paris Fashion week is finally here. It is time to discover what high fashion brands have prepared and created for Spring-summer 2019. Anrealage had the Palais des Beaux-Arts on fire. They showed us something great and had amazing pieces.

For this collection named “CLEAR”, the brand is using futuristic and chemical materials. They worked with mechanical technology and handwork. Two techniques that are really different from each other. the fashion architect and his team developed “Clear Black Photochromic”, a material which becomes totally black under the sunlight and starts losing color under the fluorescent light. At the end, thousands of embellishment are made out of this material.

Anrealage’s World

A room filled with positive energy. Goddesses were walking confidently on the rhythm of Ichiro Yamaguchi and Shtaro Aoyama sound. It was a futuristic and cold. The duo chose the primitive sound of an ethnic group to express color in music and then connected it to the theme CLEAR.

Anrealage was found by Kunihiko Morinaga. His creations are constructions. Trough this line the brand is trying to break the border between real and unreal. Therefore, the designer used opposites such as Black and clear, Technology and Handwork. Anrealage likes the coexistence of contradicting values and you can see that in their logo which combines two alphabet letters A and Z.


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Student in journalism from Paris.