Milan Fashion Week ANNAKIKI F/W 17/18 Collection Straight From the Runway


Annakiki bks M RF17 3601   The  ANNAKIKI  Autumn-Winter  collection for 2017/18 show was a Pink and Pleather parade.  The atmosphere and clothing morphed into a cinematic morphia of Blade Runner and Hunger Games.  The collection was on trend and sellable.  With 80’s shoulder blades and what I noticed that all almost all garments had pockets or a hoodie. The look was high-waisted pants with a casual luxury logo hooded jacket our blazer.  We defiently want to Kiki with ANNAKIKI.

Founder of ANNAKIKI and an independent designer, Anna Yang was born in a family of tailor. At the age of eight, she began to pick fabrics to make skirts that she liked. She has crazily developed a strong interest in fashion design. Influenced by clothes culture and art since childhood, she naturally entered the field of clothes design. Her love for fashion and her later persistence of design made her an excellent independent designer. She has been sticking to the creation concept of “be yourself”.   Annakiki_FashionShow_FW17_1.mp4 Never does she give up the love for design. In 2012, she founded ANNAKIKI, an individual designer brand and set up a studio. She has successfully released fashion show works twice in China. She was invited to the 2014 and 2015 London and Paris fashion weeks to do an exhibition in the showroom. Annakiki_FashionShow_FW17_1.mp4 The designers inspiration comes from a variety of sources: from textures to planets stereotypical elements of futuristic films. It all started from a documentary that shows pieces of aluminum is suspected that would be part of the skin aliens from there, the imagination of the designer flourished, creating a collection that fits the style of  today urban women.   Milan Fashion Week ANNAKIKI F/W 17/18 Collection Straight From the RunwayWho does not know what the weather will be like but always dressed to slay. The  ANNAKIKI women is strong ,rebellious, and daring.  Her personal style, get her from the office to the party in one look, that is layered with key pieces.   Annakiki_FashionShow_FW17_1.mp4 The materials are metallic and fur collection, but at the keeps it casual cool with the luxe sport pieces.   Oversized clothes with metallic luster are the highlight of the collection and my favorite piece is the over sized hoody in tan. ANNAKIKI turn fur clothes in neutral colors  and colorful statement pieces, eco-friendly, flamboyant. Leather micro skirts and tops are combined with basic pieces. Patent leather, reflective materials, wool, cashmere and velvet contribute to the modern and extravagant mood of the collection that shows simultaneously looks, suitable for any occasion. Coating the metallic, 3D embroidery techniques and shoulders overdo it with elements of Chinese printing. Annakiki bks M RF17 3601 Shades of khaki, orange, black and burgundy are the color palates for the uniform to the tribe. ANNAKIKI collection autumn-winter 2017/18 addresses the inexhaustible topic of extraterrestrial life and embodies the representation of space in the designer’s imagination – in shades of powdered pink and silver, seeking to discover the fascinating mysteries of the cosmos.  This collection is editorially delicious. ANNAKIKI collection autumn-winter 2017/18

Photo Credit: ANNAKIKI collection autumn-winter 2017/18

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