Anita Patrickson Lingerie DO’s at La Perla

by Tillie Eze

Last week we popped into the La Perla in Soho to see their latest and greatest, as well as discover celebrity stylist, Anita Patrickson, DO’s and DON’Ts of incorporating lingerie into the everyday wardrobe. With wedding season in full effect and the baby bumps enhancing lots of women’s natural glow, we wanted to know what options are available for them to feel sexy.


What sort of pieces should brides bring with them for their honeymoon that are easy, yet still sexy?
You should bring with what makes you feel sexy. I think the honeymoon is the one time not to be practical. One thing that I know I struggle with personally is a lot of lace bras that are so cute and then you wear them under a t-shirt and it kind of looks crappy. The t-shirt bubbles and everything just doesn’t look great. La Perla has these amazing lace bras that are flat lace, so you can wear them as a t-shirt bra, but they’re a little bit more exciting and a little sexier. Body suits are in. So wear a body suit with a pair of high-waisted pants instead of a little tank. Then you’ve got something ready for after dinner.

There’s actually some really gorgeous gowns that are actually nighties, but you can wear them as kind of a slip dress. It’s very Kate Moss 90’s. They’re satiny, they’re teeny, skinny, little spaghetti straps and very kind of dainty and gauzy. Perfect for honeymoon.

How do you transition to the bedroom?
Wear a red lip and a pair of little heels or strappy sandals. They’re great because, obviously, when you travel you want something that can work both ways. So you’re not over packing and making it a little crazy.

What about women who are pregnant? They want to also feel sexy?
I know. Well, funny enough, Chrissy Teigen, who’s one of my clients, just wore a body suit from La Perla. She wore it on the red carpet and she was so excited because she was like, “Oh my God, finally something sexy and cute.” She hasn’t been able to wear something like that for a while, she felt.

Body suits are great for pregnant women, because the knickers are always a little harder. The body suit is a great way to wear something a little sexier and something that will fit really well. Then obviously, the stretchy things are great. There’s also a lot of cute little crop tops here that are a little bit more bustier and they’ll hit you just before your bump starts.

La Perla definitely has some options here for everyone.

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