Amber Lounge: Formula 1’s Most Exclusive After-Parties

by Charlotte Smith

Amber Lounge: Formula 1


It’s not like Formula 1 really needed to up the glamour stakes, did it? A sport that pushes speed to the limit, the motorsport offers charismatic drivers, exciting race locations, and an A-list following. But then the Amber Lounge arrived and made F1 even more fabulous.

Quite simply, these are some of the most exclusive parties in the world. An entry into the Amber Lounge – whether in Monaco, Singapore or Abu Dhabi – is the golden ticket of invites; an extraordinary sanctuary where you can rub shoulders with Grand Prix drivers, Hollywood celebrities and even Royalty.



 Amber Lounge: Formula 1’s Most Exclusive After-Parties Monaco is the birthplace of Amber Lounge and since it’s where it all began, we thought Monaco would be the perfect place to begin! The story behind this multi-million dollar party experience begins with its creator, Sonia Irvine. Sonia is the sister of former F1 driving ace Eddie, and the connection led to Sonia becoming the personal physiotherapist of the whole Ferrari racing team. It was in the midst of the glamorous F1 lifestyle that she realized that the nightlife for drivers was falling short of expectations.

Since races usually finish on a Sunday when bars and clubs close early, there were few satisfactory places for drivers to celebrate and blow off steam with their A-list companions. This was back in 2003 when the first party was held surrounded by luxury properties in Monaco’s Larvotto district – one of the most expensive slices of real estate in the world. It featured an exclusive appearance from Maxi Jazz of Faithless, and a star-studded guest list of film-stars, celebrities, and race drivers.

Since then, Amber Lounge has only increased in reputation and has expanded to various destinations across the world. The brand now includes yacht parties, prestigious fashion shows, and dinners, as well as the exclusive Grand Prix club events.

Amber Lounge: Formula 1’s Most Exclusive After-Parties


For Singapore’s iconic night race, the Amber Lounge F1 party lasts all weekend, and is pretty much non-stop, beginning with a spectacular fashion show on Saturday night. The show is held at a customized venue close to the 41-story skyscraper Millenia Tower. As well as being jaw-droppingly glamorous, these fashion shows also raise money for various charities and are now seen as an indispensable part of the Amber Lounge experience. While an individual pass for an Amber Lounge party doesn’t come cheap, the events are open to members of the public who want to experience a taste of the Formula 1 lifestyle and let loose alongside musical artists, A-list actors, sports personalities and, of course, the drivers themselves. Special networking terraces are always included at the events for guests who are there to meet and greet.

Amber Lounge: Formula 1’s Most Exclusive After-Parties


Abu Dhabi

Toast the F1 champion at Abu Dhabi Amber Lounge. This is a VIP magnet and embodies the fun-loving, fast-paced glamour of the F1 party culture and the last race of the F1 season. The best way to get the full Abu Dhabi experience during the race weekend is to board the Amber Lounge luxury yacht, which takes partying to the high seas. These are second only to the star-studded Grand Prix after parties which take place after the races are finished and the drivers are free to live it up with distinguished guests from all around the globe.   World-class DJs, dancers, singers, and performers are all laid on as entertainment as the icing on the cake to these unforgettable experiences.

Photo Credit: Amber Lounge Monaco


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