Amazing Ways To Surprise Your Partner

Whether it’s a fantastic promotion, an important birthday or for no reason at all, surprising your partner is a lovely thing to do. Read on for some suggestions to really take their breath away.


Arrange a message book from their loved ones


This one will need a couple of months planning. Get in touch with your partners nearest and dearest and ask them to send a letter. You could do a theme, like ‘This is why I’m grateful to have you in my life…’. Or ‘my best memory of you is…’. Or just let them write whatever they fancy. Encourage hand-written letters, but let people know that they can send you an email to print out if time is tight.

Once you’ve collected all the messages together, buy a sturdy book and compile them inside. Include lots of photographs too, and present them with their gift on the big day. You could even video them opening it. This way, you can send the video along to all of those who contributed. This gift is sure to really touch your partner. It will also strengthen the bonds they already have with their loved ones.


Buy them a personalised gift
With the range of personalised gifts out there these days, there is no excuse for buying another generic gift. Stop buying wine and chocolates and start buying something truly special. You

could have the back of their watch engraved. Or, if there is an anniversary coming up, their engagement ring or wedding band. Etsy is a great site to discover more inspiration.


Take them on a trip of a life-time


A very special gift is the gift of wonderful memories. What better way to make them than on an adventure of a lifetime. Or a long, lazy week enjoying the sun, if you think they’d prefer! To make sure they can get the time of work, you can tell them that you’re taking them away in advance. Just save the details until the day before or even the day of! Plan a trip tailored to them. If they love watersports, take them on a trip where a wide range of water-based activities is included in the price. Or, if they’ve been rushed off their feet for months, plan a spa-break. Or, by entering something like this Love Cave competition, you can save the money for fun once you arrive.

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Make them a special room in the house
Again, this surprise needs a few months planning time. As with the trip, you will probably need to tell them something! But it can just be ‘the attic is out of bounds for the next month’. Or, ‘I’m instaling a summer house, but you’re not allowed to look inside!’ This is sure to excite and intrigue them. Then, get to work with making them a special room in the house. If they love books, you could make a reading nook. Or, if they’ve been talking for years about wanting to learn to paint, make them a studio. Not only will the surprise once it’s all done be incredible, but this gift also has real longevity to it. And who knows, maybe they’ll repair the favour next year!

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