All Eyes On GUCCI MEN’S PREFALL 2018 Patterns, Prints & Color Galore


The Gucci Men’s Prefall 2018 lookbook was photographed at various locations throughout Rome by photographer Peter Schlesinger in an homage to the atmospheres of the films of Dario Argento.  Gucci is not stopping all the boys in the hood will want to take notice.  From New York to Dubai Gucci will be the poster boy for Men’s street style before next Fall.



The GUCCI MEN’S PREFALL 2018 collection is what rappers and athletes dreams are made of.  The clothing they can wear on a typical day in a man’s life to a red carpet moment with your BAE.   The collection is full of Patterns, Prints & Color Galore.  Just the way Gucci lovers like it.

Happy to see men will be wearing trousers again.  Say goodbye to the skinny jeans!!   With men’s fashion presentations in all most over, Italian luxury house Gucci just dropped a visual masterpiece of its Pre-Fall 2018 collection.

Captured by Peter Schlesinger at various locations across Rome, including the Coppedè Quarter, Dental Hospital George Eastman, Hotel Mediterraneo and Casina delle Civette, the range is filled with another range of eclectic patterns and big logos as designer Alessandro Michele has emphasized since taking the helm in 2015.

GUCCI MEN’S PREFALL 2018 Patterns, Prints & Color Galore

It is a throw back to 1980s fashion, the women’s range is dominated by the usage of graphic stripes, animal prints, matching sets, sequins and plush fur, while the men’s offering encompasses rainbow-patterned casualwear, tailored suiting, silk shirts, intricately woven coats, accessories like retro sunglasses, and officially licensed caps in conjunction with MLB and many more.

In case you missed it, Dapper Dan and Gucci open an exclusive boutique in Harlem.

Long live corner boys, fanny packs and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In case you missed it, Dapper Dan and Gucci open an exclusive boutique in Harlem.

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