Airport Style: How To Look Fresh When You Fly All The Time

Airport Style

Going on vacation can be super exciting. Not only do you do you get to enjoy some time out away from your everyday life, but you also get to enjoy a new surrounding and dress for the occasion too. Because we all know that packing for a break away is half the fun. From planning each look to shopping for them too, vacation fashion comes with a lot of excitement. But, there’s also another outfit or two that we should start to pay more attention to: our airport looks. We all want to look good while we travel, but it can often be easier said than done – especially when it’s an afterthought.


Put Comfort First


Although you want to look and feel your best, when you’re heading to the airport, you need to put comfort first. Flying across the country, or even internationally, can be quite exhausting. Not only are you sat in a small space (unless you’re flying first class) for a long period, you also have to get in and out of a few cars and carry your luggage. So, you need to be comfortable. For this reason, you want to focus on separates that you can move around in.


Keep Shapes Simple
Next, you’re going to want to make sure that the shapes you wear are simple. Tight fitting clothing might look good in a selfie, but while cramped on a plane? Not so much! So, you’re

going to want to make sure you have baggy tees or cargo pants to get you through. Something like Anthony’s collection of Ruby Rd, with cropped pants and comfortable tops, could be exactly what you need.

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Chose Fabrics Wisely


As important as the shape of clothing you wear is also the fabrics. In order to be comfortable, you’re going to want to make sure that the material of your clothing makes you feel at ease. Cotton, denim and natural fabrics always work best. You might find that synthetic materials make you itch or sweat, or generally feel uncomfortable when you’re on a plane for a long period. Even if the item in question was a bargain and is bang on trend, if you can’t sleep in it, don’t fly in it!


Always Wear Flats


Comfortable flats are a must when you fly. You might see the likes of Victoria Beckham looking incredible when she struts through an airport in six inch heels, but she may be the only exception of people that can pull this off. Besides, does she really wear those killer heels the entire time she flies or does she change the second she lands? It’s got to be the latter!


Carry On An Outfit Change
Take a leaf out of a celeb’s book and freshen up when you land. Flying is definitely a killer when it comes to keeping you fresh, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel gross when you step off the plane. By packing a second comfortable outfit in your carry on, you can dress for the new climate you’ve landed in and feel a whole lot more yourself.


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