Fashion Friday Finds: Active-wears To Have This Season

Healthy April No Fool: Be Active in Style

Well, not just for this season, these brands are keeping their good work in making us ladies enjoy working out even more. Who knows, you might run into someone you want to impress while at a gym. What’s wrong with wanting to look fabulous all the time, even when sweating?

Since this is the month I dedicate my focus to being healthy, why not sourcing some beautiful active-wears to share with you! Key criteria for my selection is that it must be stylish while pairing with usual wears. Here are five must-have items/brands for this season. They surely are now on my wish-lists.

KORAL : Stylish shiny jackets to go with every outfit

Active Wear

L’URV : Colourful sports bra with vivid printsActive Wear

Sport Philosophy x Zanna Vandijk: Sexy mesh in between geometric prints

Active Wear
Pepper & Mayne: The tighter waist to keep your little tummy in place

Active Wear

Out In Corporated: Sophisticated in active-wear

Active Wear


Do keep in mind that these gorgeous won’t make you healthy unless you put them in use. Simply just spare 30 minutes every day for a short walk or some crunches. If you are thinking of taking the stairs instead of the escalator, Holborn tube station is recommended. LOL

For today, let’s get busy being healthy!

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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