Àcheval Pampa by Sofia Achaval de Montaigu & Lucila Sperber

Designer to Watch|Àcheval Pampa

Fashion week for me is not about the big shows.   We love to find emerging designers like Àcheval Pampa by Sofia Achaval de Montaigu & Lucila Sperber. This Paris Fashion Week we were able to go to their presentation and get up close and personal with the Latina sensation behind the brand.

Designer to Watch|Incheval Pampa

Little did they know I have Latin blood running through my veins and I understood the hats and the “gauchos“ concept for their launch. Sofia Achaval de Montaigu et Lucila Sperber celebrates the launch of Àcheval Pampa during Paris Fashion week and we were there to document and got it the minute I walked in.

 Lucila Sperber is Rochas brand manager & co-founder of the label Acheval Pampa. We discovered that she, collects the most luxurious Prada, Gucci, & Valentino you’ve ever seen.  Sperber, who is brand manager of Rochas Homme (her husband does Rochas) in Latin America, and is a co-founder of Àcheval Pampa with Cov-alum Sofia Achaval.

Sofia Achaval de Montaigu was born and raised in Buenos Aires. In 2003 Sofia settled in Paris to study fashion at Studio Berçot.  Her first styling assignment was a 20-page story for V magazine with photographer Sebastian Faena, with whom she still collaborates regularly. Currently an editor at large for The Daily, she travels between Paris, New York, and Buenos Aires creating iconic fashion images while consulting for a number of clients.

Designer to Watch|Àcheval Pampa

These Latin ladies bring their love of fashion and Argentina ’s cosmopolitan flair from Buenos Aires for our latest addition for Designers to Watch. I adore all the hats from the collection, the jewellery that symbolises Argentina’s flag with all the charms of the sun for your neck and a charm bracelet to a belt buckle.

The collection was complete with accessories to match. The young attitude of the fun and free client they are after.  I predict to see many followers to come.  I am totally in love with these looks and would wear them on my daily hustle. 

The collection paid homage to the “gauchos“, guardians of the South American countryside and their childhood memories. So the designers were inspired by their heritage to launch a new women’s ready-to-wear brand called “Àcheval Pampa“.  Having grown up in Argentina, Achaval de Montaigu has closely experienced the “gauchos“ spirit and learned to ride horses with from a very young age.


Co-founded with her friend and partner, Lucila Sperber, they designed a collection together spurred by the Pampa’s “bombacha de gaucho“ pants for day and night use. All the essential elements of the original “bombacha“ are held onto and reinterpreted with modern urban aesthetics.

« With Àcheval we wanted to bring this world back and make it t with our time and to the new luxury standards ».

Exclusively made in Uruguay, the pants will be available in different fabrics such as cotton, satin, velvet or glitter.  Additionally, the brand will develop other products like leather bags and belts, shirts, turtlenecks and “Àcheval pampa“ branded t-shirts, which are made in Argentina.Embracing the “Pampa“ feeling, Àcheval premiered a new range of unique nonchalant-chic basics for today’s everyday women in the city.


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