Accessory Saturday featuring AUrate Made in New York

by Charlotte Smith

Accessory Saturday  &  AUrate New York

This accessory Saturday I have decided to collaborate with AUrate New York. I have a fondness to support local talent like myself who are made in New York like me!  I fell in love with the brand because we have similar ideas on fine jewelry.  Where it is made and how much it cost are major factors.  I feel naked without my jewelry on.  It is my daily armor. 

I have different pieces for different occasions.  Like I only wear my watch for important meetings.  I lose earring a lot, so I went for a pair of Gold Ball Studs and one Mini Pyramid Stud from the New York-based and made jewelry brand. You can buy earrings in pairs or in singles, this is so me.

 I like to wear my favorite earrings like a punk rock princess.  As a woman in my family, we have bags of Gold Ball Studs, and most of mine have lost their partners. I liked how my new pair was small and the ideal everyday earrings made of real gold.  I am allergic to anything that is not gold.   The Pyramid stud lets me show my edgy side and it matches like four pairs of shoes in my closet. 

AUrate Made In New York

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AUrate New York – which means real gold, at a fair price, ethically sourced, made in NYC, plus they give back to kids in need.  Another reason why I have a crush on the brand giving back is a big element in my life. I am proud to support brands and give my money to brands that have the same aesthetic that I do.   AUrate is crafted using the finest raw
materials from around the world, handcrafted by master jewelers right in New York.

The brand is big believers in buying the best you can afford, and that goes for the materials they source, too. They seek out the purest 14- and 18-karat gold, procure pearls from Japan and the South Sea, and use only S1-clarity diamonds.  This shows me they think about who they want their client base to be, and that’s me 100%.

Accessory Saturday featuring AUrate Made in New York

They founded AUrate to make the jewelry they wanted to own, but couldn’t find. Items of fine jewelry for clients like myself could pass on to future generations but wouldn’t need an inheritance to afford.   Can you imagine handcrafted fine jewelry you can afford!  Beautiful pieces without the ugly supply chain.  How my ears look so pretty with my new AUrate bling in them.  Take a look yourself to more items from the line:


The jewelry brand is also bringing the luxury element back to customer service.  They are so confident about the craftsmanship that they cover each of their pieces with a lifetime warranty. They repair or repolish your AUrate jewelry if ever you need, no questions asked.  Quality customer service is key when I spend money.  The luxury market has lost these key elements and brands like this are bringing it back into style.

All the luxury, with none of the fuss: it’s a wrap.

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I think I need some new rings and a necklace! So follow me to the  Collections page: As I leave my screen open so the man can get the hint we need to talk.


Hair/Makeup/Photos by Sergio Corvacho 

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