A Timeless Twist – 7 Ways to Ensure That Your Interiors Will Age Tastefully

A Timeless Twist - 7 Ways to Ensure That Your Interiors Will Age Tastefully

 7 Ways to Ensure That Your Interiors Will Age Tastefully

Home, it’s where the heart is. It’s a place to relax, entertain, raise kids and spend time with loved ones. A place to decorate, invest in and nest in. But how do you ensure that it remains to look picture perfect? You need to ensure that your palace stays regal. Today, we’ll be exploring seven different ways to keep your interiors from aging and looking shabby and forlorn.


Window Dressings


You want to ensure that your window dressings keep up with the times. If your curtains and blinds are looking out of date, it’s time to invest in some new ones for that timeless look. You are spoiled for choice here. Depending on each room’s palette you’re going to opt for different vibes. Heavy, blackout blinds are a great choice for those who prefer a more classic style, and they’re great for insulation too. In the kitchen, choose lighter window dressings or even wooden or faux-wooden blinds for a more modern feel.


Break the Rules


We hear lots of different rules thrown around the interior scene. “Contrast your floorboards with your furniture” or “ensure your throw cushions match your paint palette”. While it is good to sometimes stick to the rules, you can create your own themes by breaking some rules. After all, your home is a reflection of yourself so inject your own personality into it and you’ll have a great look.


Leather Lounge Suites


Nothing says timeless style and grace like a full leather lounge suite. The leather is an excellent choice. Firstly, it looks amazing. Secondly, leather is a durable product that will stand the test of time. Thirdly, leather is a breeze to clean. They’re also a great investment that can be sold for a good resale value when you upgrade further down the line.


Open Plan Living


Open plan homes are truly timeless. There’s nothing better than finishing a meal in your kitchen, tidying up and then retiring to your living room to watch a movie or read a book. And, with open plan, you don’t have to open and close doors to do it! And then, imagine breezing out your open back doors to go chill in the yard. What a dream! It may cost a bit to renovate but think of the payoff of ageless style for your home.


Don’t Forget the Ceiling


Ceilings are often neglected when it comes to interior decoration and design. Some stylish cornices can really liven up a room, as can some funky light fittings. Prefer the classic to the contemporary? No worries, consider a chandelier style light fitting instead.


Impeccable Lighting


A well-lit aesthetic will never age. Ensure you have bright enough globes in your overhead lighting, and ample lamps around, especially in your living and study spaces. Consider a skylight for the kitchen. Natural light looks amazing and you’ll save money on your power bill during the day.

A Timeless Twist - 7 Ways to Ensure That Your Interiors Will Age Tastefully

Finally, the Flooring


Flooring is very important. Let’s be honest, carpet looks a bit dowdy. And it’s a hassle to keep clean. Rip it up and lay some timber, or tile, or laminate. Don’t be turned off by the suggestion of laminate, you can get some great patterns and faux-timber flooring.


Timeless Grace and Style


There you are. Opt for timber, tile or laminate flooring. Always ensure your spaces are well lit and don’t neglect your ceiling. Consider renovating to create open plan flow and invest in a leather lounge suite and some lovely window dressings. Finally, never neglect to add your own splash of personality. Now we’re talking timeless!

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