8 Ideal Promotional Products For Your Business

8 Ideal Promotional Products For Your Business

8 Ideal Promotional Products For Your Business

If you have waded through your emails lately, or surfer the web longer than five minutes, you’ll know that there is a lot of competition out there. Businesses vying for the attention of your customers; offering a wider range of services and products than you could have ever imagined. So, how do you set yourself apart from the competition and make an impact with your customers? Promotional products always grab the attention of your target market, and they become billboards when the customers use and wear the products. Here are some of the most popular promotional products of the year.

  1. Uniforms and clothing

If you didn’t think your uniforms and clothing were also promotional products you may be undervaluing the impact of wearable promotions. With some of the best-in-class options for embroidery in Sydney at your disposal, get your logo and brand message on some polos, windbreakers or jackets.

  1. Carry bags

Canvas carry bags, totes and backpacks are used by everyone in the world. So, having your company slung over the shoulder or back of thousands of pedestrians is worth its weight in gold. These are relatively affordable products so you can mass produce them not have to worry about who you give them to and how many.

  1. Umbrellas

Some promotional items aren’t valued to those who receive them, and not all of them are used for their purpose or at all. Umbrellas have value, and they will be held on to by your customers for a long time. You can opt for smaller umbrellas for your handbag, or larger ones for the boot of the car or to keep by the front door. The best part? They are a  literal billboard that will bounce around the city at varied times throughout the year.

8 Ideal Promotional Products For Your Business

  1. Technology

A branded USB or phone charger is incredibly useful, and a promotional product that will be used daily by your intended audience. It also tells the public of the sort of company you are; modern, innovative and ahead of the industry. If your market is international, then an international adapter is another well-used item that will be a godsend to your clients.

  1. Notebooks

Professionally branded notebooks are a great way to get your customers using your products, and taking them on future meetings with them – furthering your brand presence. They can be created in various sizes and materials like plastic, paper and biodegradable. If your brand has a unique personality, you can portray that through the messaging on your notebook in the form of a quirky or inspirational quote.

  1. Stickers

If you think that stickers are a bit archaic, then you may need to take a look around and notice the stickers that adorn phone cases, laptop covers and notepads. You will need to exercise some creativity when creating your stickers, as they are a dime a dozen and no one will plaster stickers of their belongings of things they don’t believe in.

  1. Beauty products

Oh yes, the options truly are outside the box when it comes to promotional products. While no one is suggesting you plaster your logo onto a lipstick, there is certainly an untapped market for travel hair brushes, compact mirrors or beauty cases. These will grace the handbags and draws of the masses, but maybe only a strategy for a business with a female-skewed market.

  1. Pens

A good old-fashioned pen, it’s hard to encompass the value they bestow over the years. Invest in high quality ballpoint pens that you can gift to your clients, with your logo engraved. People tend to hold on to premium pens for longer, rather than the mass-produced plastic variety. You can also have these pens gifted in a special box or leather sheath to make it even more special.

You may not have previously paid special attention to the promotional gifts you created and gifted, but your customers and clients certainly do. It’s a reflection of your company and the services and products you provide, so you don’t want to invite a negative connotation.


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