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8 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

by Charlotte Smith

When planning a wedding, there is one thing every couple needs: the venue. You could skip the flowers and cake and even forego a DJ or band, but you need a place to hold your celebration. The wedding venue is important for all brides and grooms to party and celebrate their new union with their friends and loved ones.

Choosing the Clevedon Hall in North Somerset has many advantages. From the professional staff of hospitality experts that will make sure your wedding is flawless from beginning to end, to the delicious menu and decorations to match your theme.  

Here are 8 essential tips for choosing the perfect wedding venue.

1. Begin with a Budget

You will need to create a budget before you do any planning or searching for what you want. You can estimate what each service, such as flower decorations, catering, venue and other decorations will cost. You should know about how much you can spend and where it will be going.

Once a budget is in place, keep it in mind as you go about looking for what you want to make your wedding the best. This will help you avoid any last-minute costs or financial surprises. You will also avoid heartache when you find the perfect space and it is too far out of your price range.    

2. Talk with a Planner

To save yourself time and headaches, talk with a wedding planner right after you have determined your budget. If you find a planner that works for one or more venues, all the better.

Many planners work closely with different venues in order to give their clients options to suit their various needs. Some couples prefer low key while others want a big and over-the-top style wedding.

A wedding planner can either take care of everything for you or just select few if you want a DIY wedding. Allowing someone else to worry about negotiating with vendors will free your time and allow you to relax and concentrate on other things. You can put all your energy into finding the perfect dress and a new home for you and your future spouse.

3. Think About Your Guests

When planning your wedding, look for a venue that is close to transportation, either the airport for guests that are traveling from afar or an easily accessible highway. You will also want a venue that can accommodate out-of-town guests either at the reception itself or nearby.

Be sure to check into the accommodations for your guests. You want them to be comfortable, so ask the hotel personnel how many people fit comfortably into a room.

Sometimes a larger room can be arranged for little to no extra money.

4. Consider What is Included

Some venues will have everything you need to create the wedding of your dreams. Other places will want you to decorate and bring in your own food.

When thinking about which type of reception hall to choose, be sure to price each item. Is it worth paying a little extra for someone else to put out the centerpieces and decorate the big room?

Ask if catering is included when looking at the all-inclusive venues. Sometimes food and drinks are a separate charge. And don’t forget the taxes and tips as they are always an isolated payment.  

5. Be Flexible with The Date

When searching for a venue, have a couple of dates in mind. There are going to be certain dates you may have to avoid because of family, like winter and elderly relatives.

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However, these may just be the dates that are open and cheaper than the “traditional” wedding days in a popular season like spring. Think about holidays when more of your family and friends will be off work and able to attend your special event.    

6. Consider the Space

If you are wanting to get married, have photos and then the reception all in one location, will this venue accommodate the three events? Or, are you willing to combine all three activities into one large room? These are the questions you will need to ask yourself and the person in charge of the venue before putting down a deposit.

Other issues to ask about include where the bride and groom are “held” before the ceremony, is there room for a walk down an aisle, and what about a place for the “reveal” to each other before the service?

Sometimes having all the events in one location is more cost-effective and convenient.

But don’t compromise what you really want for convenience.

7. Will You be Rushed?

Some venues book several weddings in one day, in the same space. You will need to verify that the date you choose is yours for the entire day.

You don’t want to be rushed or to be locked into someone else’s time schedule. Of course you will have your own timetable, but you need a range of times for each part of the ceremony. The cake cutting could happen between 8 and 9 p.m. rather than exactly at 7 p.m.   

8. Keep Your Options Open

You may have the perfect wedding all planned out in your mind, but when you visit the venue, your perfect day won’t fit. You may have a theme picked out, but change your mind if you find something else while looking through Pinterest.

Even if there is a rush, ask if you can think about the venue for a day or two. They may say there are other couples thinking about the same date, but don’t let that pressure you into choosing a space you are not totally in love with.

You should also ask the people in charge at the venue what their cancelation policy is before you put down a deposit for them to save the date.  Things happen that are not under your control.

If a venue is not making you feel great, move on to another one. The best place for your wedding is out there; but like most things, you may need to search a little to find it.

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