The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix

The dust is settling after this year’s closely competed race at the Monaco Grand Prix. It was a thrilling weekend of action and extreme tension for some of the competitors and all of the spectators. Mercedes driver and local boy, Lewis Hamilton, eventually reigned supreme with his first win of the Formula One season. Many spectators were ideally placed to watch the drama unfold, since they had secured the best viewing spots in the Principality.

The Grand Prix in Monaco is deservedly famous and even people who don’t usually follow the F1 calendar tend to flock to Monte Carlo. There’s something special about watching cars race on a street circuit, especially one as technically challenging as Monaco’s, with its narrow streets, unforgiving barriers and hairpin bends. It’s possible to view the race from all over the city, although the best spots are unreservedly luxurious and highly in demand – as befits such an illustrious race circuit. If you missed out this year, this guide will give you the lowdown on the best places to view the Monaco Grand Prix in 2017.

The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix Cars Monaco GP

  1. The Fairmont Hotel

A world-class event necessitates a suitably prestigious viewing platform, and it doesn’t get much better than the exclusive Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of the Principality, trackside, between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Casino and overlooks the infamous Fairmont Hairpin. The hairpin is a very technical part of the circuit where the drivers have to concentrate hard and take the bend slowly at just 30 mph, so it’s also a place where a number of significant incidents take place. The hotel transforms its rooms into hospitality suites to ensure spectators can watch the race unfold in comfort, with optimum views from the balconies and screens both inside and out. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the race up close, yet it remains blissfully secluded from the portside crowds.

The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix Cars Monaco GP Fairmont spectators

  1. Private Apartment Terrace

If you would prefer total privacy and an exclusive viewpoint for a select group of friends and family, renting a private apartment with racetrack views is an unbeatable choice. There is a wonderful selection of luxury real estate to rent in Monaco, but you’ll need to plan ahead because the ones with the best Grand Prix views usually get rented early on. Monaco real estate agents are experts in their field and will help you find the ideal apartment to watch the cars thunder past. Expect to find a range of accommodation from one-bedroom apartments to expansive penthouses; they all have one thing in common – unobstructed views. A deluxe two-bedroom apartment with trackside views starts at €10,000 for the Grand Prix weekend.

The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix Cars Monaco GP terrace-view Monaco GP

  1. The Deck of a Yacht

The Monaco Grand Prix is awe-inspiring from up close, and you can’t get much closer than from the edge of the harbour on the deck of a yacht. The event is a huge part of the yachting season and is often combined with a visit to Cannes for the annual Film Festival. A berth on either the Route de la Piscine or on Quai Kennedy in Port Hercules offers the best spot to watch the action unfold from the comfort of a yacht. It’s a truly unique and luxurious way to celebrate, particularly as you’ll be well placed to host corporate events. Fractional yacht ownership enables you to experience the race from a yacht for less.

The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix Cars Monaco GP terrace-view Monaco GP

The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix Cars Monaco GP terrace-view Monaco GP

  1. The Best of the Rest

If the three ideas above have failed to inspired you, there are plenty more options:

The 8 Best Views of the Monaco Grand Prix Cars Monaco GP Monaco GP view from yacht

  • The Hotel de Paris – ultra-exclusive viewing suites and rooms are available.


  • The Ermanno Palace – located at Turn 1, around 70% of the track is visible from its 8th and 10th floors.


  • Caravelles Roof Top – one of the premier VIP spots to view the main straight, pit lane and the straight up to the Casino.


  • Le Shangri’ La – panoramic views from the 10th floor include the chicane at the exit of the tunnel, the pit lane, Port Hercules and the Rascasse corner.


  • Hotel Hermitage – the Midi Terrace offers views of high-speed racing as the cars exit the first corner at Sainte Devote and race up the Beau Rivage hill.


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