7 Simple Skincare Tips Missing From Your Routine

7 Simple Skincare Tips Missing From Your Routine

by Candace Lachon

Here’s 7 simple, “Why didn’t I think of that??” skincare tips missing from your routine. 

1. Wash Your Face for 60-seconds

Most of us wash our face for 30-seconds, if that, without allowing the ingredients to work. A full 60-seconds, breaks down grimy dirt and oils, leaving you with noticeably softer skin. It’s the most effective skincare tip I’ve tried! Just be sure to use a gentle cleanser. (More here.)

2. Identify Your Skin Type

Using overly drying cleansers, or moisturizers too heavy? Stop buying products because the influencer on Instagram, with good genes on their mama’s side, told you to. Find out if your skin type is dry, normal, oily, or combination to avoid the wrong products.

3. Wear Sunscreen…..EVERYDAY.

“Ugh, my dark spots just won’t fade,” says the person not wearing sunscreen. The simplest way to prevent dark spots getting darker is SPF—the trick is finding something comfortable for everyday use. Here are some Facebook skincare groups if you haven’t found the right one. Ask them, and you shall receive the tea.

4. Be Mindful of Big Red

Forgot about hormones, and PMS? What about the massive period pimple lingering in your peripheral? Yet here we are, doing an 8-step routine, scrub, AND slapping on chemical exfoliant…

Switching up your skincare routine for that time of the month is a proactive way to combat breakouts before they happen. During Big Red, I cut out any types of exfoliation. I also don’t try new skincare products and stick to my day ones. The trick is keeping your routine simple, and staying away from harsh products, period. (Pun intended.)

5. Hide Ya’ Pillowcases, Hide Ya’ Phones, Hide Ya’ Scarves. They Breakin’ Everybody Out.. 

Pillowcases transfer sweat, dirt, and oil to your skin, so changing them every 1-2 weeks can help prevent breakouts. Headscarves are breeding grounds for breakouts, while edge-control marinates on that forehead, so try and wash them once a week. And sanitize your phone daily, but don’t forget headphone wires, glasses, or anything in proximity to your face.

6. Say No, to Hot & Cold Water…

Have you heard “Splash your face with cold water to close pores”? Well, guess what, issa’ lie. In the words of one of my fave beauty gurus @HeyAprill: “Pores don’t open and close like a booty hole.” And hot water won’t open them. I can’t make this stuff up people—follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more gems. And remember, extreme water temps don’t equal results, but 60-seconds of washing your face with luke-to-warm water can.

7. Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Clogged pores and pimples are here to stay! If you don’t wash your face at least twice-a-day! The dirt, grime, and oils must be washed away! And there’s no more to say except twice-a-day! (You can’t unread those bars.)

Bonus Tip: Be Consistent, Be Patient.

There isn’t a product alive that’ll rescue your skin if you don’t follow these tips consistently. Fading dark marks, getting rid of acne, improving texture, etc. takes time, so be patient.     

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