7 Most Sought After Summer Clothing Styles for Women in 2019

by Charlotte Smith
7 Most Sought After Summer Clothing Styles for Women in 2019

Shirt Dresses

As the Summer of 2019 approaches, women are starting to browse the web for some of the hottest clothing styles on the market. With styles changing every year, there is quite a range of styles for women to choose from including long vests, sporty, Kimono-style, capes, gypsets, and trucker jackets. Each and every style is unique in its own way and gives women a chance to show off something new and unique.

Summer Clothing Styles for Women in 2019


A popular summer style for 2019 involves skirts, lots and lots of skirts.  Skirts come in all kinds of styles, from minis, flared, A-line, pleated, midis, pencil, maxis, etc. Skirts can give women the chic, comfortable look that they have been forever searching for. By reading the Sabo Skirt brand review online, a woman can look to see if this particular boutique will have what they are looking for, such as the perfect skirt. Sabo Skirt is a women’s Australian label and online store that specializes in providing top of the line looks that meet every woman’s fashion-forward needs. They have looks that are always modern and trendy. 

Sporty Look

The new sporty look is a trending athletic style that has women dying to try and men waiting on them to walk by. To complete the sporty look, women can wear tennis skirts, gym shorts, sports jerseys, basketball shoes, and sporty caps for the final touch of any athletic outfit. Other articles of clothing that add a sporty look are race-back tank tops and polo-neck t-shirts which are a huge hit for women this year as summer approaches.


Jumpsuits are an amazing asset to any woman’s closet as they are not only cute and stylish but comfortable beyond words. There are many different styled jumpsuits to choose from, including relaxed fit, ’70s styles, chic, and denim. Jumpsuits are worn best with a small tank top underneath and one strap is undone to give an all-around relaxed look that everyone is craving this year. No one wants to spend the summer with clothes pinned to their bodies. With jumpsuits in season, no woman will have to worry about this dilemma, but only about what color jumpsuit they will add to their summer collection.

Long Vests

Long vests are something designers have been playing with for many years. In 2019, they finally pulled it off with a classy, relaxed style, perfect for the approaching summer season. This style is the perfect alternative for a ’70s style look that will go nicely with every collection in a woman’s closet. Adding pins or patches to a vest is also a great way to go from the ’70s to ’90s grunge days. Long vests go perfectly together with a pair of leggings or a pair of skinny jeans for the ultimate summertime look that will catch everyone’s eye.


7 Most Sought After Summer Clothing Styles for Women in 2019

The gypset is one of the largest rising styles in 2019 as gypsy fashion never grows old. To give an all-around gypsy look, the gypset can be paired with layered tunics, Aladdin-styled pants, bold-flowered patterns, or oriental inspired patterns. As everyone is always dying to bring back the ’70s, adding the gypset to any summer collection is one of the best choices a woman can make it comes to her clothing style. For women choosing this as their new 2019 style, always remember that there is no such thing as too bold!


Everyone always talks about what clothing styles to wear on a hot summer day, but what about what to wear on a summer night when the sun starts to go down? This year in 2019, one of the most sought after styles for when it starts to cool down after hours is a cape-style throw over. The amazing thing about capes is that they come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and patterns so a woman can pair it with almost anything laying around her closet. Not only are these great for the cooler nights, but they are also a great option for anyone going to the beach and looking for something to cover up with.

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