7 Best Pubs to Choose When Going Out for Drinks in London

by Charlotte Smith

7 Best Pubs for Drinks in London

Going out for drinks in London is always a great pleasure and a challenge. The challenge comes from the fact that there are hundreds of amazing bars and pubs each with its own special atmosphere. In this huge city, you can find a perfect place to relax and enjoy life regardless of what your personal preferences are. But you shouldn’t stop exploring the best bars of London even if you already have a favourite (or several) as there is always something new and interesting waiting around the corner.

Going Out for Drinks in London: 7 Best Pubs to Visit

1.   Cross Keys

True English through and through, Cross Keys in Covent Garden provides you with an experience of a true pub. It’s dim, slightly dingy, and full of vintage pub decorations showing you the highlights of beer brewing history. This place is affordable, which is a shock considering its location. It also doesn’t try to attract tourists, as those often seek more modern designs. However, if you are wondering what a real London pub should be like, this is the perfect example.

Bradley’s Spanish Bar London

2.   Bradley’s Spanish Bar

Located off Oxford Street, Bradley’s Spanish Bar is a place where you go when you want to reminisce about sunny Spain. This is where you can enjoy some delicious tapas and good beer. The bar looks very cozy due to its slightly ‘shabby’ and mismatched interior. This place is rather low-key, but very popular because of the friendly patrons and content atmosphere.

Fifty Five Bar London

3.   Fifty Five Bar

Fifty Five Bar in Camden should be on the list for your London pub crawl. This place is rather modern and has some great cocktails. However, it’s also not pretentious, and few modern bars can boast this essential feature. This place is big and offers you a chance to listen to great music as well as enjoy a good meal as the bar has over 160 items on the menu.

4.   Norman’s Coach & Horses

Norman’s Coach & Horses in Soho is another very classic English pub. Luckily, it does not longer feature Norman, a landlord so rude, he’s got a legend to his name in some circles. However, the pub does feature a versatile traditional menu (10 types of pickled eggs included), good beer, and cozy old-fashioned décor. Despite the classic look, the pub has some modern touches, mainly in the menu, lighting, and quality of service.

5.   The French House

If you want your experience of going out for drinks in London to have a French flavor, The French House in Soho is the place to go. This is not merely a bar but a piece of history in its own right. The original name of the place was York Minster and it was opened by a German in 1891. Since then it has passed on to a Belgian and eventually became The French House we know today. It’s said that the French general Charles de Gaulle wrote his famous speech addressing the Free French Forces in this very pub. Today it’s a popular meeting spot for artists, writers, photographers, and other talented individuals.

6.   The Harp

The Harp in Covent Garden is a must-have on any pub crawl list for ale lovers. When going out for drinks in London, you’ll quickly notice that having a wide serving of ales is highly uncommon. But The Harp has ales, ciders, and beers in abundance. It won the title National Pub of the Year in 2011 and it’s still as good as it was seven years ago.

princess louise pub london

7.   Princess Louise

Princess Louise pub is traditional yet far more elegant and ornate in its décor. This is a place of beauty but with very affordable prices. Despite looking fancier than a regular old-fashioned London pub, this place still has the cozy and relaxing atmosphere that causes the Brits to love their pub evenings with passion.

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