6 Ways to Ensure That Your Home Decor Stands the Test of Time

Classy, Not Classic – 6 Ways to Ensure That Your Home Decor Stands the Test of Time

Decorating your home is a great pastime. It keeps you busy, keeps your home looking great and gives guests the right impression when they come to visit you and yours. But how, exactly, do you achieve a cohesive, classy and lasting look? You want to avoid the tacky and the gauche and stick to a timeless style that will keep your space looking it’s best. We’re going to explore six different ways to ensure lasting taste and elegance.


Fireplace Decoration


Do you have a fireplace? Fireplace surrounds are an excellent way to create lovely style and grace. Some artisan craftspeople can create lovely, hand-carved fireplace surrounds that have seamless beauty and will really make an impression. You can also add to this elegance with a few well-placed ornaments. Make sure that these ornaments either match or contrast with the color of your fireplace.


Get Experimental


Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a bit. No, we’re not talking about the avant-garde or the surrealistic, but you have a bit of wiggle room here. One idea is the careful placement of mirrors around your living spaces. These can create the impression or more space and light than the room actually contains, especially if they’re well placed in relation to sources of light. You could even try for a standing mirror in a wooden frame. These are gorgeous additions to any room.


Paint Colours Matter


The type of paint you choose matters a great deal to your home’s vibe and appeal.

You basically have two options. You can either opt for a bold statement, using blacks and reds and other bright colours to create a strong feel. The other option is soft and subdued. This means using whites, creams and pale palettes.


You should pick an option that matches your personality, but also matches your decor. If you have soft and subtle artwork and sculptures, match the paint to them. If you prefer the quirky and intense, match your paint to that aesthetic.

6 Ways to Ensure That Your Home Decor Stands the Test of Time

Window Coverings Matter


This cannot be overstated. If you cheap out on blinds, curtains, and shutters, your house is going to look tacky and cheap. We don’t mean spend an arm and a leg unless you can afford it, but seriously consider a middle of the road option to create a lasting effect. Wooden slats are a great option if you have a lot of timber furniture. Just ensure that the tones either match or create a good contrast. Be aware though, wood can warp and rot over time, especially if exposed to moisture. Faux-wood is an option and can create the same impression.


If you are going for a soft and light touch for your home decor, then a London blind with a soft floral pattern may be just the feel you need. If you have impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, a pale Roman blind will give them the perfect treatment.

6 Ways to Ensure That Your Home Decor Stands the Test of Time

It’s the Little Things that Count


Don’t forget the impact a few small items here and there can create. A small statuette in the corner of a room, for example. Or a few potted ferns in your bathroom to create indoor to outdoor flow. Small, tasteful ornaments on shelves and a few choice prints or works of art hung on the walls. Choose a few small light touches like this and you’ll create the perfect finished effect in your space.


To Conclude


Create little gorgeous touches with statues, artwork and potted plants. Choose your window coverings carefully. Decorate your fireplace to create a beautiful centerpiece in your living space, don’t be afraid to experiment and finally – the choice of paint matters. Enjoy your decorating!

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