6 Netflix series from around the world to binge-watch

6 Netflix series from around the world to binge-watch

by Thisvi papanastasiou

Netflix is the easiest and most accessible platform for anyone around the world to watch movies and TV dramas from the comfort of their home. Most of us, however, end up watching mostly US dramas. Stylecartel recommends the following 6 Netflix dramas produced in different countries around the globe for all of us who want to explore a new part of the world through our screens.

House of Flowers – Mexico

House of Flowers has everything a modern comedy needs. In this dark comedy, the not-so-perfect De La Mora family suddenly realizes many hidden secrets which only come to the surface after the death of the patriarch’s mistress, Roberta. After her death, the family finds out that one of the flowers hops of their big family business is actually a drag cabaret and their whole dynamic and relations are challenged.


Strong Girl Bong Soon – South Korea

This South Korean series is the ultimate new feminist comedy-drama. Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) comes from a family of women with supernatural power and dreams about creating a video game with her as the main character. Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), a young CEO of a gaming company, offers her a job as his bodyguard as he believes she will be able to protect him with her powers from some anonymous threats he keeps receiving. When crimes against women start occurring in her neighbourhood, Bong Soon decides to take action.


Cable Girls – Spain

Cable Girls is a Spanish period drama which takes place in 1928 when a telecommunication company begins operating in Madrid. The series follows four women (Lidia, Carlota, Maria and Angeles) as they start working in the telecommunication company and become active working women. The drama is all about their relationships with their families, partners and their past while they battle their hardships as women in the working force.


Million Yen Women – Japan

Million Yen Women is an adaption by Japanese manga and it tells the story of an unsuccessful novelist, Shin (Yojiro Noda) who is suddenly visited by five different women who have all received the same strange invitation to live in his house. While living in his house, they have to pay 1 million yen every month each for living expenses and rent and Shin is banned to ask any questions about the women. This strange and surreal coexistence does not last, though, as Shin slowly discovers each woman’s life.


Collateral – UK

This British drama tells the story of Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan), a detective inspector, who investigates the death of a pizza delivery man who dies in a London suburb. While Glaspie tries to untangle this case, she realizes that there are more depth and many more people involved in this case which turns out to be a complicated case which is harder to solve than she expected.


Call My Agent! – France

This French Netflix drama is about four agents – Andrea, Mathias, Gabriel and Arlette – working in ASK talent agency in Paris. The agency, however, gets suddenly shaken by the death of its founder and they all have to fight to save the agency while jangling to maintain their business and personal lives. Laughter, tears and other emotions are always present behind the scenes of the celebrity world represented by the agency.

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