5 See Trough Wedding Gowns to add to your list

by Mee Jong

Hi Style Cartel readers. I have been looking at wedding gown and amazed by how pretty all the see through dresses are and start to imagine what kind of body type will look perfect in these? Actually is looking perfect that important? Maybe it’s more about being confident? I don’t know. I’m not married and not even close, but I love wedding gown. I’m doing my dissertation on wedding gown and it’s one of the most interesting research I have ever done in my life. Talking to brides on how they feel, what make them buy and why…why…why… I guess you will only know when you actually put them on and picture yourself walking either down the aisle.

For brides who want to be confident and sexy, here are my 5 selections of see through dresses that I think are suitable for many wedding styles. Let start with the favourite!

1. Mira Zwillinger: See through halter neck with loose mermaid tail. If you have a nice shoulder, go on and show them!

Mira Zwillinger Wedding gown

2. Delphine Manivet doll-like wedding gown. Plunging neck line showing your cleavage with a see through ball gown. It’s fun and it’s different. It’s cute but not childish. It’s revealing but in a really cute way that conservative parents might not find it inappropriate. For those who have too boney shoulder, a wider apart kind of stripes would be perfect to hide the tip pointy part of your clavicle, plus the puffiness of the pleated shoulder would help balance your body shape if you have narrow shoulder. For me, I would take off the hoop and let it flow naturally into a A-line shape.

Delphine Manivet wedding gown

3. Angel Sanchez: this gown is modern and romantic at the same time. If you want to look sexy but still sophisticated, this is your answer! The illusion sleeves with embellishment make it looks like flowers just flow around the brides’s body. The bustier patterns make it look futuristic, but in such a sweet way I can resist.

Angel Sanchez Wedding gown

4. Yolancris: Another modern looking see through dress for independent brides out there. The see through bits that run from the underarms, revealing your sexy side-breast, all the way to the floor, showing your perfect bust line. It’s sexy but not yelling naked. It’s sophisticated, strong but yet simple. I would picture a working woman with good taste of fashion wearing this and rule the party!yolancris wedding gown

5. Carla Ruiz: This might not be designed specially for the bride but it’s perfect for morning ceremony or even after party. If this super see through pencil skit style is too revealing for you, simply wear a nude tone slip underneath. Well, if you are confident with your body, it’s your day, so show it!
carla-ruiz wedding gown

Thank you for reading! Hope you like these 5 dresses!

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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