5 Qualities that Make a Great Shopify Store Theme

by Charlotte Smith

5 Qualities that Make a Great Shopify Store Theme

Do you want to set up your Shopify Store? You have your products and marketing strategy in place, but you can’t pick the right theme for your store? Don’t worry; it’s very common. Picking the right theme takes time, and it may keep your website or online store from launching.

With that said, following we will name the five important qualities that make a great Shopify Theme:

  1. Aesthetics

First Impressions are last impressions. This is a cliché because people judge strangers within 7 seconds. Visitors tend to make a snap judgment about a website in 50 milliseconds. Therefore, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

You have to think about the kind of experience you would want when you visit a store selling such products. This will form the basis of what you should look for in a theme.

5 Qualities that Make a Great Shopify Store Theme

  1. Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation is a critical element. You must consider it when picking your Spotify Theme. You have to focus on menus, links, and other interactive elements that work best for your store. Mind the current design trends, but don’t forget the basics.

For example, you don’t need the navigation bar in a non-standard. Navigation mistakes are costly, but you can easily avoid them. You need to use meaningful labels and keep the filter menu short yet effective. Make sure you only use clickable links, don’t use buttons for this. Use a design language that improves customer experience.

  1. Speed and Responsiveness

It’s important that you have a quick loading website. It improves the user experience and cuts down bounce rate. If your website is speedy and responsive, it will increase the average amount of time people spend on your website. Ecom Turbo can help you improve customer retention on your Shopify Store.

  1. Useful Features

There are many feature heavy themes available. They are attractive and costly. So, before you set your heart on one, consider if you actually need one?

Do you really want to show different social network feed on your store? Do you need different types of menu? Features should be productive, not counterproductive. A good feature improves your customer’s user experience, not the other way around.

Useless features only add weight to your store. They slow down your store or make it unresponsive. So, before you add a feature, you need to see how it translates to user experience.

5 Qualities that Make a Great Shopify Store Theme

  1. Product Catalogue

Another important factor you must consider is the size of your catalog and how you would want to show them. There are many beautifully designed themes that albeit with a few products, not a large catalog.

Different themes cater to different catalog sizes. Therefore, its imperative that you choose the one that suits you best.

You also need to consider the way your customers will interact with your product listing. For instance, Fashion and clothing theme must let the customer zoom in on product images. Some niches prefer a quick view from the collection or the catalog page. Therefore, when you choose a theme, think about your customers.


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