5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

Heli-skiing offers the ultimate rush for any keen skier or snowboarder. No more hour-long lines while you wait for the rickety ski lift; no more uncomfortable rides in freezing cold chairs as you dangle dangerously above a rocky precipice.

Although famously banned in the superb snowy mountains of France, it is possible to heli-ski just over its borders. Many companies that offer the activity base themselves in Italy or Switzerland, where it is perfectly legal and reachable from France. We’ve compiled this list of five of the best heli-skiing locations near France:

5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

Valgrisenche, Valle d’Aoste, Italy

Heli-ski in one of the most beautiful valleys in the whole of the Alps region. Valgrisenche offers 20 authorised landing spots for heli-skiing and offers runs that extend between 1,000 and 2,000 vertical meters.

Tignes, France

From Tignes it is possible to be dropped over the Italian border, before skiing back into France via incredible off-piste routes. The scenery is truly spectacular and provides perfect challenges for skiers of all abilities.

5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

Val d’Isere, France

Neighbouring Tignes, Val-d’Isere offers equally stunning aesthetics. Ski at the foot of the Mont Blanc range and visit charming villages on your return to France, such as Le Crot and La Masure.

Cervinia, Italy

Gain access to the more challenging routes outside of Cervinia by helicopter. The vast area offers miles of fantastic slopes, with a good snowfall record and sunny weather.


5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

Verbier, Switzerland

Heliskiing from Verbier in Switzerland offers sensational runs through immaculate bowls sandwiched between icefalls and vertical cliffs. It is undoubtedly the best heli-skiing in Switzerland, if not Europe. Heliskiing companies, such as Valheliski, offer packages from as little as €99, making heli-skiing an affordable adventure this winter.  While some heli-skiing companies offer pick-up services, you often have to make your own way to a pre-arranged pick-up point to avoid breaking the law. This can prove to be problematic, due to the ice mountainous roads. Hiring a luxury car is a worthy investment and can make your holiday much easier and far more enjoyable.

5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

A quality vehicle gives you the freedom to travel to and from the heli-skiing take-off site in complete comfort, without waiting in queues or lugging your equipment onto buses. There are several
 high-end performance vehicles that are more than a match for the tough demands of the snowy, mountainous roads. From the powerful Mercedez G 63 AMG to the elegant Range Rover Sports SVR, each luxury car rental will help to make the drive to the take-off site more enjoyable than skiing down the mountain. It’s just one of many reasons why hiring a luxury car helps to enrich your dream skiing getaway. Alternatively, for those who simply can’t wait to take to the skies, Heli Securite offers high quality helicopter transfers to numerous ski resorts throughout France.

5 of the Best Heli-Skiing Locations Near France

A heli-skiing holiday is invariably a memorable experience, which offers the best skiing: soar above snow-covered mountains in the dazzling sunshine; witness the natural beauty of the stunning landscape; ski untouched slopes with perfect snow in complete isolation. 


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