4 Tips on How to Keep Ash Blonde Hair Healthy and Beautiful

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Tips on How to Keep Ash Blonde Hair Healthy and Beautiful

Haircare for ash blonde hair requires quite a bit of time, effort, and specialized products. But the results are definitely worth it, as is proven by celebrities who are loving this wonderful color. If you want to join these ash blonde beauties, you’ll need to stock up on conditioner, hats, and tinting products.

4 Haircare Tips for Ash Blonde Hair: Keep Your Locks Healthy and Light

  1. Hydrate and then hydrate some more

Bleached hair cannot have too much hydration, so moisturizing conditioner will become your new best friend. As your locks will be dry and weakened because of the treatment, shampooing frequently is to be avoided. However, you can and definitely should wet and condition your locks every other day or so.

You will also need to use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. It’s best to choose something specifically formulated for bleached locks, but any product with a strong hydrating effect is welcome. This includes homemade treatments containing olive and coconut oils.

If you want to provide your ash blonde hair with the maximum level of care, change all your styling products to something with a moisturizing effect as well. As bleaching dries out your locks and scalp, you should cut down on hot styling by default and use a specialized heat protection spray every time you pick up a blow drier or a hot iron.

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  1. Tone it up with hair-friendly tints

The biggest problems with haircare for ash blonde hair is that it naturally turns brassy because that’s the color your locks really are because of the bleaching. The nice ash shade is achieved using toning treatments that aren’t permanent.

The best way to fix this without getting another coloring treatment in three weeks and damaging your tresses is using safe tints. The most efficient one is a specialized purple shampoo. This kind of product contains a violet pigment that naturally counteracts the yellowing. There are several types of pigments available, and you should be able to pick the best one for you after you learn more about purple shampoo.

If the effect of shampoo isn’t enough for you, look up toners that don’t contain harmful chemicals present in permanent dyes. Many of these products today have protective and moisturizing effects and can boost your post-bleaching hair treatment program and liven up the color at the same time.

As your roots start to grow out, you can use coloring sprays to mask them. Apply this product after you’ve finished styling your locks. But bear in mind that these sprays will wash out with the first wash and will start to gradually disappear after you brush your locks. However, don’t worry about the dark roots too much, look at celebrities for inspiration again. They aren’t letting some old-school beliefs force them into bleaching their locks too often. Remember that the best gap between treatments for keeping your hair healthy is 6-8 weeks.

  1. Avoid hair oils, unless 100% sure

One little-known fact about ash blonde hair, and all bleached hair for that matter, is that it can react poorly with some chemicals in haircare products. Hair oils are a particular concern as they might give your locks a nasty greenish hue.

It’s true that oils are very good for moisturizing and restorative treatment. If you want to enjoy these benefits, be sure to use only 100% natural products. Plain coconut oil can be much safer than an expensive luxury product from the store.

  1. Fall in love with hats

The number one enemy of ash blonde hair is sunlight. UV rays are extremely damaging by default, but for bleached locks they are a literal killer. They will also destroy your ahs pigment in a blink.

If you want to be ash blonde, you’ll need to wear a hat during the summer. Consider using a UV-protective hairspray as well.




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