The 4 Scents She’s Gotta Have This Holiday Season

by Charlotte Smith

 4 Scents She’s Gotta Have This Holiday Season

I consider myself a perfume connoisseur and I love finding new scents. I do not leave the house without my scent of the moment on.  The perfume of the day depends on whatever mood I am in.  Normally it is a hit with both men and women.

The 4 Scents She’s Gotta Have This Holiday Season


The other day while boarding my Eurostar back to Paris, the women behind me said in front of everyone you smell wonderful.  As I blushed she said what are you wearing.  The new scent that I am converting at the moment is BOTTEGA VENETA PARCO PALLADIANO IX.  It is divine.  

The 4 Scents She’s Gotta Have This Holiday Season BOTTEGA VENETA PARCO PALLADIANO IX

The new fragrance comes in  Three new floral fragrances, Parco Palladiano VII, VIII & IX.  The fragrance captures particular moments and experiences in a Palladian garden at springtime.  I am currently spraying IX on before I put lotion on to make the scent last longer.  If you are trying to wife her this perfume is the one to seal the deal before the New Year.


A bottle is very pricey but is stopping traffic at the moment trust me. The plum-colored juice, captivating in its intensity, is a rare combination of floral woody notes emblematic of the house. It is not for every day or it will be gone in a month.


Scent 2 Jimmy Choo L’Eau

Jimmy Choo L’Eau

It seems I always have a bottle of something Jimmy Choo on hand.  The perfumes have been my travel must-have for the past year.  We talk about the fragrances all the time on the blog.


The new bottle to the collection is Jimmy Choo L’Eau.  Another hit and always attracts a suitor to my neck. It is my fragrance to start the year and end the year in.L’eau is a delicate breath, a soft caress on the skin that radiates a powerful femininity. L’eau has a floral and fruity heart that exposes the essence of the delicious hibiscus flower, softly blended with sweet fruity notes partnered with a woody depth. The fragrance evokes a seductive sweetness and glowing sensuality.


Scent 3 Bois Doré Eau de Parfum – Van Cleef & Arpels


This perfume is my Boss Bitch scent.  When I have an important meeting or interview this is the bottle I go for. It is the fragrance of every day.  Not empowering, but just the right smell to make you memorable. So if you are looking for the gift for someone who is considering making a career mood, this is the motivation they need.

The 4 Scents She’s Gotta Have This Holiday Season Bois Doré Eau de Parfum - Van Cleef & Arpels

Sensually refined, Collection Extraordinaire Bois Doré is an awe-inspiring scent from Van Cleef & Arpel. Top notes of spicy pepper and cedarwood entice the senses, while Tonka beans, amber, and vanilla shine through from the base. Opulent and additive, it’s the perfect signature scent for any lover of oriental, woody fragrances.  Made for both men and women!


Scent 4 Karl Lagerfeld Fleur de Pêcher Eau De Parfum


This fragrance was the sleeper of the year. It is also something I could wear every day.  It has a very feminine scent and makes you feel sexy with one spray.

The 4 Scents She’s Gotta Have This Holiday Season Bois-de-Vetiver-Karl-Lagerfeld-for-men-765x510

Karl Lagerfeld Parfums has turned to a new approach as far as the label’s perfume designing is concerned: the ingredients-first approach. Enter Fleur de Pêcher. It is a noticeable shift, which attracts your attention, but is not necessarily accompanied by the feeling that there is genuine passion about the new endeavor.


The scent comes in perfumes and colognes for men and women.  So you can have his and her fragrances. The ideal stocking stuffer for the perfect couple. What are you favorite four scents?


Hair/Makeup/Photo Sergio Corvacho @sergiocorvacho

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