4 Men’s Style Mistakes to Watch Out For

by Charlotte Smith

Men’s Style Mistakes

While many men may believe they have great style, the truth is, the majority of us don’t quite know what we’re doing. We may think we look great every time we step out of the house. However, not everyone we encounter will agree with us. While life shouldn’t be about impressing others with how we look and dress, how we dress can actually have a significant impact on our mood, success, confidence and more.

As a result, more men should care about how they look and dress. However, before we can look and feel great, we need to stop making some extremely common mistakes. These mistakes are widespread and many men fall victim to them at one time or another. With that in mind, this article is going to go over 4 men’s style mistakes to watch out for on your quest to being an extremely well-dressed man.

Wearing Clothing That is Way Too Big

When most men dress, they dress for comfort. However, what is comfortable to wear isn’t always the most stylish. One of the worst perpetrators of this is large and baggy clothing. Many people just default to baggy clothing either because it is more comfortable and allows for a lot of movement, or because they have never taken the time to find out their actual size.

Instead of large clothing that looks like it would fit you if you gained 100 pounds, you should look to wear clothes that are flattering and fit well. They should fit the contours of your body well, without being too tight or unflattering. Nowadays, there are a ton of affordable and flattering options for people of all shapes and sizes. So, finding clothes that fit is definitely possible.

Avoiding Accessories

While this isn’t always the case, many men will steer away from wearing any sort of accessory. While it’s true that women often have more accessories that they can wear, men also have options in that department. A nice watch, such as a Tag Heuer Carrera, or a tasteful bracelet or ring can go a long way.

Also, things like sunglasses, hats, and scarves can also really add to a look. While this type of thing might not really be in your wheelhouse, improving your style is all about getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with things you might not normally wear.

However, while a nice watch or a tasteful bracelet or ring can make an outfit, too many accessories can break one, as well. Generally, you shouldn’t wear more than one or a couple different accessories. Having multiple bracelets, rings, and necklaces can often look like a little much and might make you seem like you’re trying to hard, which is a big no-no in fashion.

Not Dressing Their Age

TOM FORD  Fall/Winter 2018 Menswear Fashion Show Lit Runway Looks

While this is more a generality than a rule, it is important that people dress their age if they want to be taken seriously, both in their personal and professional lives. We have all seen those 30 or 40 year old men dressing in skate shoes, baggy jeans and oversized graphic tee shirt. While this is fine for teenagers to wear out and about, adults should have better sense than that.

While you can get away with it going to Walmart or picking up some food, too many times we see grown men going out to dinner or a date night in clothing that would be better suited on someone less than half their age. Now, this doesn’t mean every older man needs to wear dress clothing all the time, but there are plenty of casual (but still tasteful and age-appropriate) options that men can wear.

Wearing “True” Dress Shirts Untucked

TOM FORD Yo Yang Menswear Show

Now, wearing a button down shirt in public is a great way to look a little dressed up, while still maintaining a casual vibe and attitude. However, not all button down shirts are created equally. While some can be worn untucked and will look great, others are meant to be tucked in. For example, “true” dress shirts will have longer shirt tails, and are meant to be tucked in.

Wearing one of these “true” dress shirts untucked just looks sloppy and unkempt. If you have trouble knowing whether a button down shirt is a true dress shirt or a more casual option, there are a few things you can look for. True dress shirts will often have a much stiffer and structured collar and the fabric will be quite a bit more shiny. These characteristics make these shirts a little too much to be worn in most casual environments.

We hope that this article is helpful in illustrating some of the many fashion and style mistakes that many men make. Of course, these aren’t the only men’s style mistakes out there (socks and sandals, we’re looking at you), but they are among the most common we see.

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