3 Ways to Style a Parka

3 Ways to Style a Parka

When it comes to winter and dropping temperatures there’s nothing better than a fur jacket or a parka. It is the ultimate everyday piece that is sure to keep you warm and still looking good.

3 Ways/ Different Parka’s


I started with the most common style. It is easy to pair and definitely goes with everything. The most interesting part of this outfit is the parka. While the exterior of the parka is more rugged and looks “used”, the fur interior adds a hint of glamour and luxury. I wanted to keep up with earthy and neutral tones for the rest of the outfit so it could be an even more perfect everyday ensemble.



The shape if this parka is different from the normal parka style. The shape adds a high fashion look that can definitely dress up any outfit. I decided to add distressed blue jeans with a cashmere turtleneck to balance everything out. The black bag and shoes can then complete the whole ensemble. So, the ripped jeans and parka keep the outfit casual while the accessories glamorize it.



Generally in the winter, people tend to stay away from colors. So, to stray from the status quo, I decided to add some color. I thought that this parka with a blue fur trim and interior added a bit of a twist alongside the Chanel denim bag. Because the jacket does all the talking, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral.

By: Sofia Penton

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