Three eyecreams you need to try

by Sabah Mansour

Are you tired after having fun during the holidays ? The routine has made its comeback and you probably don’t feel at your best. I have a solution for you, three products you can try to help get rid of those nasty dark circles, and illuminate your eyes. I have tried them all, and I will give my complete and honest review on those. Just so you know, I wouldn’t recommend a product if I don’t like it. Those are really good, and make a difference. I have selected three eye products, from three different prices. They are all affordable.

L’Oréal, Sublimist

  You probably have seen the ad of this eyecream. Blake Lively shows us how good this product is in reducing dark circles. Well, it is not a miracle product. So, let’s all admit that Blake Lively probably has either some really good genes or a high coverage concealer. The Sublimist is a good product, it is made with caffeine and CG vitamin. caffeine is known to de-puff the eyes and the CG vitamin is supposed to lighten the undereye area. Again, it is not a miracle product. None of them are. You won’t see results with the first application, you have to use it daily. Massage it in your undereye area, it will soothe you and help the blood circulation, which will make the product work its magic quickly.

Clinique, Pep Star

  I am sure you heard of this product. With its bright orange packaging, the Pep Start is truly a good product. It is fragrance free, it brightens the undereyes and gives the proper hydration we need. A lot of beauty gurus have talked about this, and pretty much everybody uses it. That’s why I bought it, because I read really good reviews about it. And I won’t be the exception. Out the three products I am talking about, the Pep Start is the one you should absolutely try.

Tony Moly, Panda’s Dream Stick

  This one I bought because the packaging was cute. I had no high hopes about it, and I was kind of right. Let me explain. The stick itself didn’t really help with my dark circles. But the cooling effect makes my eyes de-puff, and I use it every morning. While my coffee is heating, my entire eye area is cooling. I hope to see results later on? I want the dark color of my undereye area to go. So far, only Sublimist and Pep Start have done that for me, and that is my number one priority when it comes to eye creams : brighten my undereye area.   Tips & Tricks : put your eye cream in the refrigerator ! The cooling effect is really good for your skin, and it will refresh you every morning.

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