THE OUTNET.COM (UK) gets a Chic New Makeover Luxe Men’s Wear Luxe For Men

Through a completely redesigned website, 209 Mare has launched the sale of their signature 209 Beach Blazer and 209 Swim Shorts. The Monaco-based company is the latest byword for luxury and fuses functionality with effortlessly cool on its new digital domain:

French Riviera Glamour

With envy-inducing imagery – so hot you can almost feel the Mediterranean sun shining through the screen – this new lifestyle brand is ready to take men’s tailoring to the next level. Working on the principal of putting the ‘gentleman back on the beach’, 209 Mare has embraced the glamour of the French Riviera’s golden age during the 1920s, using the era’s art deco style as an influential basis for their designs. gets a Chic New Makeover Luxe Men's Wear

Attention to Detail

Styling suggestions are made on the new website’s ‘Lifestyle’ page, which demonstrates the versatility of the clothing in various situations such as ‘Beach Wedding,’ ‘Pool Attire,’ and ‘Out at Sea.’ The luxury men’s blazers not only look impeccable, but the product’s attention to detail becomes increasingly evident with each page of the website: the tantalising images are accompanied by evocative descriptions transport you into the lifestyle this brand is promoting.

The Finest Materials

As well as looking fantastic, the innovative new blazer is exceptionally comfortable. With lining crafted from ethically sourced bamboo, the 209 Beach Blazer is approximately three times more absorbent than a cotton towel, making the transition from water to bar as glamorous and easy as walking the catwalk. The fabric is biodegradable and has natural anti-bacterial characteristics. As well as being UV and water resistant, the blazer can be worn all day, looking majestic both with the 209 Swim Shorts or dressed up with a shirt for the evening. This is opulent beachwear at its very best. gets a Chic New Makeover Luxe Men's Wear

Only the Best

Various designs of the 209 Swim Shorts are also presented on the new fashion label’s website and available for sale. They are crafted specifically to complement the 209 Beach Blazer. Created from specially treated, Italian-sourced nylon to ensure a smooth and soft finish, these shorts are utterly superb. With monogrammed mother of pearl buttons (echoed on the Blazer) and an Italian parachute cord to tie at the waist, the shorts scream subtle luxury.

News: 209 Mare and Fashion Tips

209 Mag adds to the opulent nature of the brand, with articles catered towards those who enjoy fashion and the Riviera lifestyle. From giving suggestions of ‘how to pull off a blazer at the beach’ to ‘attending the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 in style,’ each topic is tailored to the discerning clientele that will sport the brand. Exclusivity and elegance are continuously channelled throughout the website. gets a Chic New Makeover Luxe Men's Wear

The 209 Mare Concept

Understanding the concept behind the brand furthers the perception of exquisite craftsmanship, explained in detail to further the notion that Italian tailoring is among the finest in the world. 209 Mare seeks to ‘challenge and redefine the rules in men’s beachwear,’ and, from the looks of it, they are certainly on their way to achieving it! gets a Chic New Makeover Luxe Men's Wear


Photo Credit:  Chic Luxe Men’s Wear


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