Preppy Tennis Girl: Linder Resort 2020

by Nejilka
Preppy Tennis Girl: Linder Resort 2020

I began the week with a hangover and a dead phone. Happy Memorial Day. My worst nightmare occurred on Monday. I got thrown into the pool with my phone by an intoxicated friend. It was a challenge going back home to Brooklyn from Upstate. Especially without a book. Tedious. I even tested the theory of a phone in a bowl of rice. To my disappointment, it didn’t work. My phone didn’t switch on after those 48 hours. Although I was a little annoyed, I wasn’t going to let a rainy day keep me home. Fortunately, I remembered that Linder was presenting their resort collection on Thursday evening. On the way, I had taken with me one of my favorite books. The Alchemist, by Paulo Cohelo. The one hour ride from Brooklyn to Pier59 studios passed by like a breeze. Courtesy of Linder, they treated us to complimentary drinks. With everyone on their phones, it did become rather smooth once I found my friend Dario Castillo. Sometimes it’s easier to strike a conversation with a drink in your hand. I had networked with some other bloggers, makeup artists, stylists and etc. I brought out my notepad and pen as Linder Resort was beginning. As I began writing my notes, I did get some stares. The experience of having no phone has made me pay attention to detail. I now like to watch the crowds expressions. It gives me some satisfaction in watching them love or hate or feel inspired. Linder opened up the show with fresh and clean green. It’s that shade green that goes neutral with all skin tones. A green triangle bathing suit top paired with green high waist flare trousers.
I believe green suggests the environment. With all these environmental issues we’re having, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were referencing it. I’m not sure if that was Linder’s intentions. Considering the entire collection is a Preppy Tennis girl vibe. They created these astounding 2000’s wide-leg trousers in off-white. I’d wear them as they are with a transparent button down, triangle bikini bra, pointy sandals, and an extraordinary straw hat. Toss me a cute small handbag and I’m out the door. One of my preferred looks is a clean low square neck mesh dress. I’d gladly pair that with strappy white sandals and a small silver bag. It’s all you ever need to go to the next all White Boat Party. They even created a pattern of cable knit and low tennis sock on a unitard. It sounds so odd, but it’s actually cute. I promise. I also really loved a white mesh skirt paired with a knit print bathing suit. It’s such a Hamptons look. A classic piece of theirs was this all-white flared jumpsuit. In that jumpsuit, I’d feel ready to take-over. Reminded me a bit of Elvis the King. Furthermore, the set was pretty impressive. The camera/video team had recorded the models in their looks and put the recordings on the projections on the background of the runway show. Overall Linder did an impressive minimalistic collection.

Now let’s pick up tennis as a sport, dressed in Linder head to toe.

Favourite Looks from Linder Resort 2020

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