OH-LA-LA Manolo Blahnik Opens First Boutique in Paris in July 2019

by Charlotte Smith

One thing most of the female members of Style Cartel have in common is our first pair of designer shoes were from Manolo Blahnik. The number one shoe rule Monsieur Manolo Blahnik taught us in not to show too much toe crack. My own memory is a Sex in the City moment, where the girls went shoe shopping at Barney’s New York. I still have my most comfortable and sexy shoes.


 When I found out my second home would now also have a stand-alone store my feet were delighted to walk down the streets with the news that Manolo Blahnik announced the expansion of its retail network. The doors of its first Parisian address will open in July 2019, the twentieth boutique in the name of the house. Can we get another Rihanna collaboration now?

Manolo Blahnik in Paris

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The shop will be located within the iconic Palais Royal place full of culture and history that make it the ideal setting for the luxurious shoes of the designer. Paris beats in the heart of Manolo Blahnik who lived there several years after studying in Geneva and before finally moving to London. Paris is for him the capital of fashion, one that feeds his debut in the world of fashion, where it has forged valuable links with major and formed friendships that still persist to this day.

Overlooking Montpensier passage and the gardens of the Palais Royal, the shop was previously known as the Cafe Corrazza, founded in 1787 and frequented by Robespierre, Barat and Bonaparte – a place at the height of Manolo Blahnik and low for the 18th century. The store, designed by Mr Blahnik himself, has the relaxed atmosphere of a living room sprinkled with English references, creating a beautiful home for his elegant creations.

First Boutique in Paris

In neutral tones, the interior will be stamped with the pale grey signature of Manolo Blahnik. Complemented by deep green sofas and ivory wool carpets. It is no less than 100 Georgians candle holders that will be applied from floor to ceiling to serve as displays for shoes.

The second floor is decorated in rich tones: mahogany panels will be affixed to the walls and polished brass racks host the shoes. A dark oak floor, a brown wool carpet and a pair of Hoffmann armchairs complement the decor.

The shop will host the famous shoes that make the success of the House. For which the loyal customer of Mr Blahnik back season after season. A new men’s offer will be for the first time in France and will be arranged on the floor of this case. The recent launch of the men’s collection, presented in London in 2018, then in the United States and Japan earlier in the year, make France the fourth market to offer these models.

“Paris is the most fabulous cities in the world, especially its architecture – the French have always had the sense not to destroy historic buildings. Paris is untouched, pure, and I always wanted to have a shop, but it had to be at the Palais Royal. This is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen, and I love it. – perfect proportions, steeped in history ” Manolo Blahnik

The House Manolo Blahnik is distributed in 20 owned stores and 311 outlets in 35 countries, available on the e-commerce site manoloblahnik.com and four social networks.

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