Summer Ready Body Without Painful Depilation – Only With Braun

by Gosia Krajewski

With the weather finally suggesting that summer is truly round the corner, let’s talk about depilation. Every year we face exactly the same question – which depilation method is best and will last longer? And which one is relatively pain free?

I can’t even remember amount of tests I did in previous years looking for the best solution. Razor seems to be the simplest, right? Unfortunately, as many of you, I suffer an awful rush after shaving, no matter how expensive is the razor I try. I second option I tried was epilator, but I don’t handle pain really well, so that was a no go for me too. My last resort seemed to be waxing. I tried it in hope that although still painful, it will take less time to remove all unnecessary hair. No ideal at all, but it worked. So every month I put myself through loads of pain in order to look and feel great. Sounds crazy right?

I bet many of you went or still go through this painful journey with the summer approaching. I decided to do some more research hoping to find another , pain free method that will also deliver expected results. And I found the perfect solution. Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL hair removal system was my saver. Literally. It saved me from monthly suffering, and made me feel truly great. It is super easy to use, and the effects last for months! Plus it is safe for my skin, and for my mental well-being too! Because whenever I only thought about depilation, I had goose bumps. Now I can’t wait for my next holidays, and showing off my super smooth silky mama body thanks to Braun. Ok, I know what you will say. It must be expensive. However if you think about the cost of monthly waxing, it costs less than one year worth of waxing…plus no pain! For me, this is the ideal solution to get that body ready for more sunshine. Bring on the summer!

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