Meet Winners of L’Oréal Colour Trophy at Trevor Sorbie Salon in Manchester

by Gosia Krajewski
Trevor Sorbie

Looking good perhaps isn’t the most essential part of our lives, but it is definitely vital part of women’s mental well-being. As a mum, I always look after my family, but this time for a change I was looked after my fantastic team at Trevor Sorbie Salon in Manchester. I have to admit that it’s been a year since I had time to visit hairdressers, so being able to visit Trevor Sorbie Hairdressing Salon was a massive treat. I was over the moon! As most of busy mums would be, right?

At the salon I was greeted by lovely Emma who happens to be one of Winners of L’Oréal Colour Trophy. Her colleague Mai won the L’Oréal Colour Trophy for the best cut and she joined us later for the consultants of course to cut my hair! I am one lucky mama receiving colour and cut service from The Best in UK! As you can imagine, the results were beyond my expectations. Although I didn’t go for anything major, I really wanted to refresh my look for summer. I opted for sun-kissed highlights and a nice trim to grow my hair, which was in very bad condition after the pregnancy.

Emma used two types of colour to achieve a balayage effect. She used Trevor Sorbie hair products for the aftercare and also recommended the best ones for my curly mane.

My visit took over 3 hours, so I had a chance to have a little chat with Emma and Mai about their win. Have a look below what we spoke about.

1. Why did you decide to enter the Loreal Colour Trophy?

Emma – I wanted to challenge myself creatively. It is a well known competition in the Industry. I wanted to enter it because it raises recognition to you as a colourist/stylist and puts you on a platform. 

2. How did you prepare, where did you take the inspiration from?

Emma- I wanted to create a colour that was bold and vibrant to complement the strong cut. I always love copper as it is a beautiful, natural vibrant colour. I took inspiration from the flash of the camera, it highlights the hair in different areas and this is what I wanted to achieve.

Mai – I always work with my models face shape and hair texture so with Thea’s look I wanted to move away from a strong geometric Bob taking inspirations from a French model / actress I really like called Taylor Lashae

3. What are the current colour and cut trends that you can suggest to our readers, who would like to refresh their look?

Emma- Coming to the summer I feel people want to feel lighter but still look very natural I’m finding I’m doing a lot more babylights to create that soft sun kissed look. 

Mai- I would always work with my clients style and work with my technician as these days I don’t think people don’t go for a set trend it’s more life styles.

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