Planning a Picturesque Outdoor Wedding

by Charlotte Smith
Picturesque Outdoor Wedding

Picturesque Outdoor Wedding

There is only one thing that makes a wedding more beautiful – holding it outdoors. An outdoor wedding is the perfect backdrop in which to celebrate the love of a couple with family and friends there to witness such an occasion. There are some elements that will need to be planned to make your day flow seamlessly, so be sure to consider these planning tips to make it a day you will never forget.

Hire a marquee

A marquee is the ultimate setting to set the scene for a stunning day, so make sure that wedding marquee hire in Melbourne is one of the first calls that you make. Marquees present the perfect backdrop to inject your style, as they are classic and natural in design and will never dominate the styling that you had envisaged. The light and breezy structure of your marquee will allow for your guests to wander in and out of the ceremony or reception, immersing with nature as much as they would like.

Another reason marquees are so popular in Melbourne is that it can be hard to find the right venue. There are so many factors to consider, and each option can be too much of the wrong thing sometimes. Keep it classy and simple with a stunning marquee for your outdoor wedding.

Pick the right season

Well, you don’t need to be reminded of what can happen in the wrong season. Rain, heat wave, wind – you name it! Picking the right season for your wedding it crucial, as it will govern the day ahead and will either put your guestlist in the mood or out of the mood. Figuring out which season to get married will vary depending on where you live, and the sort of outdoor wedding you have planned. A winter outdoor wedding can be a hard sell, so have a think of how you can keep your guests warm or choose another day.

Timing is everything

A morning ceremony is beautiful, but so then is an afternoon ceremony. Having your wedding outdoors means you will have to know what the light is doing at each time of the day, and work backwards to figure out if that can work. Blaring sun will have you squinting at your groom, and too late will have you both fading into the darkness. If in doubt, ask the event managers of the venue or site you are getting married about what you can be expecting the light to do at the specific time of your wedding.

Fresh menu concept

bridal shower backdrops

An outdoor wedding lends itself to a fresh alfresco dining concept. Most weddings have a seated meal, yes. But who says you can’t have a buffet style or standing cocktail arrangement? Your guests will be blown away by the outside space as soon as they arrive, so why not keep them guessing again with a fresh menu concept that they haven’t seen before.


Picturesque Outdoor Wedding

The fun of an outdoor wedding means that you can plan all kinds of entertainment for your guests. Without having space restrictions you can effectively decide which space is for the photobooth, the game area, and the space for the live band and DJ. You can also have a larger dancefloor which can bleed into the night. Be mindful that any entertainment hire or booking will ask for your wet weather backup, but if you tell them it is taking place in a marquee that should satisfy all concerns.

Love, nature and a hell of a great party? That sounds like an outdoor wedding that won’t soon escape the minds of your friends and family. Set the scene for the first day of the rest of your lives, and take advantage of the beautifully natural landscapes that surround us.

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