Le Juiice: the female rapper who’s gonna change France

by Shawna Montout
Le Juiice: the female rapper who’s gonna change France

In the united states, there are plenty of female rappers. Whereas in France, it is hard to find them. In many cases, they are not pushed forward enough. We met Le Juiice, and she is going to change that.

A woman surrounded by men. As the beat goes on she imposes herself. The crowd around her is impressed. « Rentre dans le cercle » Episode 2 season 5. In this show, Le Juiice is being introduced to the French rap scene. French people haven’t had a nationally known rapper since Diam’s. But with Le Juiice, a change is going to come.

There are not enough women in French rap. France has active female rappers such as Shay, Keny Arkana, Chilla… But when you compare it to female rappers in the United States, there is a huge difference. With her sound and her flow, Le Juiice is adding something different to French rap culture. She doesn’t come up half naked. There is nothing wrong with those who do, but when you see someone who doesn’t, that person is standing out. By doing this, she shows that she is more than just a body. And it’s true, she is talented. Her attitude shows that she is not scared. In rap, if you don’t have balls people are going to eat you.

When you talk about rap, what comes to your mind is a man mostly from the hood who has done dangerous stuff like sell drugs, drive by, blah blah blah… In France, a lot of people consider that rap isn’t a place for women. When you look at Le Juiice you see that she don’t give a fuck about what you think. Many girls and woman in France want to hear a female who thinks like that.




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