Makeup Monday| Fenty Radiance Reimagined Live in London and want to get your hands on the new Fenty Radiance Reimaged items. The successful brand and beauty sensation, Fenty, are expanding and developing their skincare range to accommodate all customers: `Fenty beauty turns up the dial on flawless diversity'. Now you know Style Cartel is all about diversity. Our team is all the shades of the rainbow and we all use Fenty Beauty products. When we heard the news about the new launch we had to shout about it. The new shoot `Radiance Reimagined' shows all the new shades within the range in which Fenty has expanded to suit all tones. Below we have included some of the new shades and shoot images however the full range of products can only be found at !

Are Your Skincare Products Exacerbating Your Allergies?

by Charlotte Smith