Niska x Diplo : a surprise for French people

by Shawna Montout

On Thursday, Diplo released the music video of his new single “Boom bye bye” featuring the French rapper, Niska. To French people it was a surprising duo. 

To French people it’s an astonishing collaboration. They don’t often see their rappers doing features with international artists. But Niska is one of the few ones who did it. His new song with Diplo is a hit. “Boom Bye Bye” is a sweet melody. It mixes perfectly with Niska’s rap.

How did this happened ? Diplo explained on YouTube how they got in touch:

He came over late one night in Paris and we played this idea down on a piano loop that I made.. I had only been familiar with him because he had every song on the french charts at that moment. I was really excited that he came thru and made this crazy idea with year later we finished it

After France, Niska is conquering the U.S

Stanislas Dinga Pinto from his real name is the king of  “enjaillement” to a lot of people. In 2015, the rapper made a name for himself and obtrude into French rap. Allô maitre simonard, Carjack Chirac… The artist originally from Évry made the French youth dance. In 2018, his freestyle PSG reached 79 million views.

Now he is trying to take over the United States. This is not the first collab with American artists for the french rapper. In june 2018, he did a remix of his song “Réseaux” with Quavo and the English female rapper, Stefflon Don. Niska is coming out of his comfort zone. The occasion to be internationally known.



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