End of Year Horoscopes Dec, 30th and 31st, 2018 Happy New Year

by Claudia Vannini
October Horoscopes

End of Year Horoscopes Dec, 30th and 31st, 2018

The horoscopes for 30th –  The MOON in LIBRA moves quietly in its orbit until 9 PM GMT. The rest of Sunday has a completely different scenario. Calm turns into aggression and there are clashes in personal relationships.

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31st – The Moon enters Scorpio and ends the year of 2018 in its waning phase. After 10 PM GMT, seriousness and commitment on the rise. Saturn, Sun and Moon make their agreements and offer guarantees. And what are we going to ask for this New Year’s Eve? What do we want so much or what we do not want in 2019? This reminds me of a teacher of Meditation who said the following:

Happy New Year

horoscopes give

“- If you have a child who asks for a new toy every day, will you buy it?

   I said no.

  – And if your child never asks for a new toy and plays happily with the toys they have? Are you going to buy your child a new gift?

   I said yes.

 – Then, of course, life offers to those who are grateful and not to those who ask for benefits.”

After that class, I stopped requesting.

My greatest wish is that you, in 2019, recognize your right to wear the basic black dress on New Year’s Eve. It could be yellow, red, blue. You are free to think.

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