Pippa Melody| Model Crush Monday New Face in London

by Nejilka
Pippa Melody| Model Crush Monday New Face in London

 Photographer Amelia May

SC: Short Bio:

PM: I am currently working as a full-time model in London, I have a Psychology degree
and am working towards leaving the UK and pursuing that further! I would love to study
Forensic Psychology at NYU. In my spare time, I enjoy writing short poetry, going on the solo
cinema dates, seeing my favorite artists perform live and dancing in my bedroom (lol)

Full Name: Pippa Melody Christian
Where from/background: Liverpool, England
Ethnicity: Black British, Jamaican and Trinidadian heritage
Social Media: @pippamelody
Agency: Nevs Model Agency
City Based In: London


Photographer Jamie Kendrick @jamie_kendrick, for Tolu Coker film ‘A Seat on The Throne’, wearing all Tolu Coker @tolucoker

SC: How were you discovered?

PM: My friend blogs and she took me to my first fashion week, just
after I moved to London, in 2012. We just walked around Somerset House and had fun and
a lot of people approached me for street style etc., one of which was a booker from a
modeling agency and that’s how I first got ‘in the know’ of the industry! I didn’t take it too
seriously though, as I had just started University and was more focused on that. It was only
until a few years later that I got scouted for a fashion week presentation via Instagram and
the casting director (@chloerosolekcasting) got me signed!

Photographer Vicky Grout Backstage as Nasir Mazhar for Complex Mag


SC: What has been your favorite modeling career moment so far?

PM: Meeting David Beckham at
the after party of a job I did for Victoria Beckham. He’s so hot, lol. Being on the cover of two
magazines (Thiiird and Betty) has been pretty surreal as well!

SC: What is your signature feature?

PM: My hair (…but I want to shave my head) or my eyes, I guess.

Polaroids by Nevs Model Agency

SC: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

PM: Instagram Stories, I don’t understand Snapchat anymore lol.

SC: Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?

PM: I’ve always wanted to walk for Ashish, his
shows always look like SO MUCH FUN. Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs… I’d also love to do
ANYTHING with Rihanna, get me in any Fenty Campaign!


CSM Graduate Fashion Week Designer Tolu Coker

SC: What is your views on racism in fashion?

PM: Just as racism is present in the world, it is present
in fashion. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of everyone to learn about race issues, educate
others and actively seek to interrupt racism, as these issues only become further
internalized and accepted if we don’t speak up. Casting without ticking a quota is a must.
Just represent people for who they are. In terms of fashion weeks, it is not only essential but
very easy to cast more than 20% of models who aren’t white. Virgil Abloh’s casting for the
recent Louis Vuitton Menswear show displayed that, and it was refreshing. As it always is.
Models are people, and just as we don’t want to be treated like mannequins, as a consumer
I find it draining and boring to be presented the same face and body in every campaign.

SC: What is the best or worst job you have had?

PM: Worst was definitely cutting up onions and
garlic for about 12 hours in an unrecognizable job for Nando’s, I actually cried afterward
and it was nothing to do with the onions.


SC: Were you interested in fashion before modeling?

PM: Not really, I wouldn’t even say I’m that
interested in fashion now. I very much rate style over fashion. I like finding one-off charity

shop or vintage finds or taking all of my Mum’s hand-me-downs and making that aesthetic
my ‘fashion sense’! I don’t believe you need to buy into fashion to look GREAT.
What is your must-have on the road beauty product? Lip balm (usually Carmex) and Nivea

SC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

PM: Living in New York City in an apartment with
exposed brick. Mentally happy with who and where I am in life, being able to write, play the
piano and exercise regularly in my spare time. I guess it would be a bonus to have a dog and maybe be in a loving relationship, lol.

SC: What is your favorite food?

PM: Tenderstem broccoli!!! And all kinds of bread.

Real Techniques Lookbook


SC: What would you change about the modeling game?

PM: I think the industry has a long way to
go in terms of diversity, inclusivity and its naivety in terms of hair and make up for models
who aren’t white… I would change the number of people of color in authority at brands
and fashion houses, so that their efforts to represent people as they actually are in reality is
seen as more authentic and less like tokenism.


Marques Almeida AW17

SC: What are you listening to right now?

PM: I can’t get enough of these two new albums!

K.T.S.E –Teyana Taylor and Lost & Found – Jorja Smith.








With love Nejilka, xx

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