Jorja Smith : discover every side of her through « Lost and Found »

by Shawna Montout
lost and found

June 8th, Jorja Smith releases her very first album entitled « Lost and Found ». In which we get to know every side of her.

For a debut album, it’s going pretty well. Who wouldn’t like to start a carrier like this? Everything really started two years ago. Jorja 18 at the time, posted a song on her Soundcloud. “Blue lights” a song about police brutality and racial violence. She didn’t start with the easiest subject to treat. After that, she collaborated with artists that already had an audience. Artist such as Drake, Stormzy. She even receives praises from rappers like Kendrick Lamar. The 20 years old singer win the Brits critic’s choice award of 2018. And now she is releasing her first album: “Lost and Found”.

Jorja Smith, 20 and popping with simplicity

It has calm vibes, some could say it seems sad they wouldn’t be wrong but at the same time, it is not. It’s different from the “On My Mind” single which was groovy and joyful. But it still looks like Jorja through her music she is showing us many facets of herself. Something that no one was expecting lifeboats – Freestyle she is surprising us with bars she is spitting fire and again we are loving it. The fact that it wasn’t expected brings more excitement to the project.

An album entitled “Lost and Found” she is 20 and just got out of her teenage years. So EVERYONE can relate to this. Everyone has been a teenager, made mistakes and learn from them. She joins the ones who put England on the map, music wise. On the album, she is serving vocals high notes, low ones, strong but thin notes. We’re going through several moods, it procures emotions. She is mainly talking about love. Jorja is taking us on a journey with her, her songs are a melange of smooth funk and Neo-soul. Simplicity at it’s finest. Nothing extra, nothing else but Jorja. And this is all we want. Her sweet and lovely voice is making us travel into her world. We are loving it and wish her a long and strong carrier. It’s just the beginning…

Jorja smith

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