by Shawna Montout
big trouble baby

Trouble a storyteller from Edgewood

Trouble from his real name Mariel Semonte Orr released on March 23rd, his project « Edgewood » named after his hometown. His Storytellings skills are raising awareness on issues in today’s society, especially with the youth.

Big Trouble Baby has been here for a long time now, almost seven years. And we only really hear from him now. Originally from the south in Atlanta, Georgia, Trouble is one of the real ones. He raps from his experience. In the generation we live in, it’s all about social media. Who is the most popular? Who got the sauce?  We often forget about what is really important.

Through his project, Mariel Semonte Orr Talks to the youth. Across « Real is rare »  or «  Selfish » the rapper highlights issues that need to change. At the beginning of the “Real is Rare” music video a simple sentence «  We use to kill and die for money or respect » and one at the end «  Now we kill and die for attention ».

The video shows how in America some had to kill to survive, feed their family, pay their bills, without having a choice. Now people play with guns just to show others that they have power. They show their weapons on Instagram to get likes. With the Worldstar generation, gun violence and violence, in general, is glamorized. It’s a trend and it’s not normal.  People are dying because of it. Families are torn apart. While some don’t have the choice to do certain things others do it for attention.


Yes, he delivers a message but in “EDGEWOOD” we also find songs we can turn up to in the club or at a party.  The entire project was produced by Mike Will made it. He worked with a lot of successful Artists such as Gucci Mane, Juicy J, Miley Cyrus, Drake and so on. We can find several collaborations on Trouble’s work: Migos, The Weeknd, Quavo, Fetty Wap and let’s not forget Drake. Yes, Drake is on all fronts. He knows how to recognize talent when he sees it. To Trouble, it was an honor that Drake knew about his work. To hop on a record with him was even better. Their single «  Bring it back »  is now available on every musical platform, so is “Edgewood”.

Trouble Edgewood

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