Hairdresser Profile – Stephanie Nikol from Curly Hair London

by Gosia Krajewski
Hairdresser Profile – Stephanie Nikol from Curly Hair London

Hairdresser Profile – Stephanie Nikol from Curly Hair London

When I met this inspirational woman, I felt that I am in safe hands. She taught me how to take a good care of my curly hair, which I hated because they were frizzy all the time. But since our first meeting, I went through a massive metamorphosis and I feel in love with my curly hair again. With so many curlies out there, I am sure that you will be very excited to meet her.

Who is Stephanie Nikol?

I am a curly hair specialist with 31y general hairdressing experience and in the last 8years work only with curly customers.

When did you establish your business?

I started on hairdressing floor since 1986y.
Was involved in curly hair field day by day, as experience with customers and my own
curly hair. Sometime I had a short cut and after the cut immediately started growing my hair long.
Because when the curls are not around your face you look different person in your own eyes.
Worked in a local company for 1y and then registered my own business Stefi Hair.
After 5y cutting hair and doing lots of perm (as it was trendy )
 There was lots of curly girls they insisted to have perm,  I spend more time to convince them they only
need to use conditioner and to get their curls performance they didn’t wanted to listen about, “o no no no my hair gets greasy from conditioner, I want to have Afro curls…. “ Had lots of loyal customers waited on a long list because of trust just for a little trim or layers .
I got bored of hairdressing this didn’t go with my dreams and I wanted a change.

Where did you train?

I joined the national hairdressing organisation and began workshops and seminars  for new cutting and colour techniques. I discovered how exiting and satisfying can be a hairdressing job. Because of life circumstances change I needed to close the salon,  moved to a bigger town and opened new salon. I was lucky to work with Indola and trained by colour genius of Indola. Also lucky to work with Shwarzkopf and trained in ASK Academy Shwarzkopf Vienna twice a year for Essential Look spring/summer and autumn/ winter. The trainers I met there, the knowledge and experience I got  made me think for the hairdressing as ocean where you can create as an artist and tailor.
To create a hair shape you need to be an artist and to create the right shape you need to think as a tailor.
As we always have curly customers in the salon I start expecting the new cutting technique and colours, soon realised, some are great and some simply not suitable for everyone. So I  focused on finding solution for different issues, customise the cut to get a good balance, realised I needed to work as a tailor on hair.  The passion and the desire to find solution kept my interest in curly hair always.

Why, in your opinion, curly hair customers are so fussy about their hair?

We all know the curly customers are nervous when need to go for hair service. There is many reasons but some of them are :
– If they have unpleasant past experience in their childhood age
– If they have unpleasant past experience when they were teenagers
– If they were bullied at school/ family because of the fluff or frizz
– If they have unpleasant experience as a adult
– If they haven’t embraced their natural Curly Hair
– If they do not wear their hair in a natural curls and twist or create bigger curls with tong/rollers
– If they have straighten the hair for long time and decided to go natural curly, they will need to meet themselves natural
– If they know they have different curl patents but so far no solution
– If the hair shrinks too much and so far none of the experiences has been successful
– If they cannot deal with frizz
There are so many more reasons ….

What I advise do you give to your clients?

I suggest to all my customers that they are responsible to observe the cutting service if they go to a new place
I show them to recognise the thinning scissors and if they see the hairdresser is going to use the one to immediately act and stop been used.  Nowadays people are more aware of hair and beauty products and industry is creating better products and seems to satisfy the market of curly population. Good products have the power to embrace their beauty as they can maintain it easily and stay natural.

Why did you decide to specialise in curly hair?

I realised was curly hair dedicated gradually, it became naturally, as I had always worked with curly customers and was constantly busy of working on natural
Curly hair and dealing with curly customers and delivering blow dry service was the service I was not tat satisfied to deliver if I knew the hair structure
and what the service and me as a professional was causing to the hair.

What is the advice you would like to give to our curly hair readers?

My advise your readers, if they can take their time to embrace their natural hair is:
 -Your curly hair is a part of who you are.
 -To be generous to themselves to look smart & beautiful & confident to wear their natural hair anywhere.
– To get education and knowledge to use products that increase their self worth and support their wellbeing.
 -Be generous to MOISTURISE their hair.
 -Beautiful & Bouncy Curl means MOISTURE & MOISTURISE

What are your plans for the future?

My future goals are to spread the curly hair beauty and contribute to be recognised beauty.
To help the new curly generation to grow up free of hair fear and been judged by their character not by the hair
I often joke and you please tell me is it a true:
 “If you were born to stand out with your curly hair, why you are trying to fit in to straightening it to look like every ones . Stay natural and remain proud “
As a curly hair girl myself I cannot agree more with Stephanie! Thank you so much for the conversation.

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