Scandinavian Menswear Series Part 2

Scandinavian Menswear Series Part 2


Holzweiler is a Norwegian brand, based in Oslo. Although they started out with luxury scarfs they are now receiving praise for their clothing lines as well. They focus on high quality materials. Their menswear designs are playing with the basics by blending liberal ideas with the classics. It is a mix of everyday life and contemporary art. You still see the classical simplicity that is the trademark of Scandinavian designs. Their trademark is easy, elegant pieces.

The fact that their clothes have been featured by actors from the highly successful Norwegian television series SKAM that is streaming all over the world at the moment, definitely doesn’t hurt the brands reputation. They also worked with the National Norwegian Opera and Ballet when they were looking for inspiration for this year’s Spring/Summer collection.


Henrik Holm (Even) from SKAM wearing a Holzweiler hoodie and scarf. (Picture: Eurowoman dk)


Filippa K

Filippa K is a Swedish brand, based in Stockholm. They are most known for their women’s collection but lately their men’s collections have been quite strong as well. They are, as most other Scandinavian brands, staying true to the principle of simplicity. Mixed with the stylish and high quality clothing it is really a brand men should start opening their eyes for.

This year’s spring collection, Achilles (After the warrior in the Greek mythology), is an urbanized look inspired by formal and combat military uniforms. It stays true to the collections name by tightening around the bottom of the legs, around the Achilles Tendon. They have also worked with Emma Watson, and are committed to improve circular fashion which they call the four R’s: “Reducing, Repairing, Reusing and Recycling.”


Picture: Filippa K

Bruuns Bazaar

Bruuns Bazaar is a Danish brand, based in Copenhagen. It is a contemporary brand on the rise. The style about relaxed elegance if one can put it that way. They blend classic styles and modern pieces in a true Scandinavian way: Simplistic.

Bruuns Bazaar focuses on good craftsmanship combined with beautiful design is something that makes it worth to take a look at. They are opening their own online store in August this year. This is expected to raise the awareness of the brand as they will be more available outside of Scandinavia.

Picture: Bruuns Bazaar


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