Cool And Quirky Fashion Focus

Cool And Quirky Fashion Focus

Fashion Editorial CULTIVATING Black/White & a Little ColourIf your fashion  week and style has become a little bit dull and boring this winter then why not think of some cool and quirky fashion picks to change things up a little bit. Fashion is what you make of it, there are no set rules and there is always room to think outside the box. Decide on a style or a look you’d love to achieve and go for it. You can take inspiration from the latest catwalk trends or some of the hottest models. Cara Delevingne has always been one to watch on the fashion scene. Her style is always evolving, and her popularity knows no bounds.

Catwalk fashion will always come up trumps with some top tips for cool and wonderfully quirky fashion. Take brands like Moschino, for example. Their McDonald’s themed collection wowed audiences last year. Love it or hate it, you can guarantee no-one had seen anything like it. Soon it was becoming cool to wear and own these products. Why? Because they were unique and fun. They weren’t afraid to test the water with a wacky idea, and it ultimately paid off. Who would have thought that a fast food brand could wind up being plastered all over high-end fashion items? This year Moschino have turned their attention to all things Barbie related. Think classic Barbie pinks and bold, retro designs. You can even buy a Barbie pink Moschino phone case. Cool accessory or just plain weird? You decide. You don’t have to go completely overboard changing your style to freshen up the look. There are plenty of ways that you can get cool and quirky fashion in more subtle ways. Why not try the below quick tips?

#FashionFriday Tips


Brighten things up – bright and bold fashion is the perfect way to add a cool and quirky nod to your outfit. A bold bag with a cute typographic phrase in the front would work well with a simplistic black outfit.

Go Vintage – Vintage can be a bit hit or miss. You have some styles that work well and others that don’t. Take the plunge and get daring with some vintage or retro designs that will make a statement.

Bold patterns – bold floral patterns are so en vogue right now. Think about colours that clash and try pairing them together for a cool and quirky new fashion trend. Intricate designs and eye-catching prints are perfect for summer. A floral dress with a retro style pattern will always turn heads and look great.

Designer labelsdesigners have a habit of creating designs that have a cool and quirky edge to them. If your budget allows then invest in some key pieces. If budget is an issue,, then check out your local high street stores for a cheaper version. Most stores take inspiration from the catwalks so you won’t lose out on the style stakes.

Make your own – if you are handy with a needle and thread then why not make your fashion? If you know how, it’s easy to make bags and dresses. You could even upcycle or customise tops, trousers and bags to add a unique style.



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